An Introduction to Orthodontics in Navan


Would you like to straighten your teeth? You may currently be unhappy with the alignment of your teeth which has resulted in you choosing not to smile in pictures. If you can relate to this predicament there’s no need to worry as there are orthodontic treatments widely available which can assist individuals in achieving the smile that they want.

What do we mean by orthodontics?

If you are living in Navan and have not heard of the term orthodontics before you will be happy to know that there are many dental practices based in Navan who are able to provide modern orthodontic treatments to their patients.

Some people may be wondering what ‘orthodontics’ refers to. Orthodontics is a reference to the area of dentistry which focuses on the straightening and aligning of an individual’s teeth.

Within dentistry there are many treatments dedicated to improving the appearance and bite of a patient’s teeth. For any individuals, if they are considering investing in orthodontic treatment, they may be eligible to have a free adult brace consultation with a dental professional.

This consultation will allow an individual to have an open and honest conversation with the dental professional on what orthodontic treatment is suitable for them; whether they need it or whether there are alternative dental treatments available which will be better for any dental issues they may have. A thorough examination will also be carried out on the individual’s teeth to determine what the right course of treatment is for them.


What options are available for me?

Now that we have been introduced to orthodontics, it is important to know about one of the various orthodontic treatments available for patients.

Within cosmetic dentistry, although braces are traditionally known as a dental treatment for children, there are options also available to adults in particular who are interested in straightening their teeth. One teeth straightening option which is available for adult patients is the Inman aligner. This aligner is known to work quickly for adult patients who would like to improve the alignment and appearance of the front teeth in particular.

Using nickel titanium coil springs, Inman aligners have two aligner bows which are powered into slowly moving an individual’s teeth into their desired position. The two opposing bows work together gently to move the teeth into shape, which is why it is considered a faster teeth straightening treatment when compared to other orthodontic appliances.

On average, it is said to take between six to eighteen weeks for the treatment to complete. Considered an alternative to invisible braces, as part of the treatment only one aligner is required so there is no need for the aligner to be changed every two weeks like some other orthodontic dental treatments.

With Iman aligners, an individual is required to wear them between 16 to 20 hours a day and unlike other orthodontic treatments a patient is not required to visit the dentist as frequently. This is because the Inman aligners are made to be pre-programmed so the number of visits to a dental practice is reduced.

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