Why Large Families Love This Type of Vehicle

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Large families are constantly challenged on how to fit all their members comfortably in a regular car or SUV. There are big and comfortable vehicles, but most of them are either too expensive or consume an outrageous amount of gas.

Searching around will reveal limited options, especially for those who are trying to sit six or more family members and make some extra space for cargo and luggage. More families are now looking at new Sprinter vans for sale in Salt Lake City to meet their space requirements. These vans comfortably seat up to 12 passengers.

One of the best advantages of Sprinters is that they are very spacious and have high ceilings. Passengers can stand up inside to stretch their legs and walk down the aisle even during a long road trip. It eliminates the inconvenience of stopping over and climbing over other passengers when you need to get something from the back to the front.

Sprinter as the Best Family Car

family on a vacation riding a vanBig families appreciate the large sitting capacity of a Sprinter van. It has four rows of luxurious seats to accommodate 10 people behind the front seats. Compared to common SUVs, it affords all rows the same amount of spacious legroom, which is very important once the kids are in their growing up years.

Family cars should last long and are expected to run beautifully as they are when first bought. Sprinters have excellent gas mileage, which is an amazing 21 miles per gallon. It runs on diesel, which is currently less expensive than the regular unleaded gasoline, hence putting more savings on fuel costs.

Despite the size, driving a Sprinter van does not require any special type of license, as it is considered as a regular kind of passenger car. Even moms will find it easy to drive or park this vehicle because it is easy to maneuver. One major disadvantage is its height, but it does not really deter many from making this their choice of a family car.

Why It Is the Best for Big Families

Families with more than six members will appreciate having the Sprinter as their family car. It can be cumbersome to sit six to eight family members comfortably and still have ample space for luggage. Even large vehicles will not be able to accommodate three car seats and booster seats in the first two rows and still allow everyone to let the kids buckle their seat belts easily.

Looking into full-sized vans is the most viable alternative for families once you have made a thorough research of all possible options for a family car. Considering the features, capacity, fuel efficiency and the price, the Sprinter makes the top cut as the best family car for most big families today. Sprinters are a “Mercedes” product that comes off as a luxury vehicle, but actually more like a truck/SUV crossover that comes with impressive extras and comfortably seats 8 to 10 passengers making it a great choice for a big family van.

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