Which brace are you suited to – Clear aligners or traditional ones? Read on to find out!

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When you are an adult looking to straighten your smile, there are many avenues that you and your dentist can explore.

On the one hand, if you have a more complex case of dental misalignment or orthodontic problems, then your dental team may choose to fit a traditional orthodontic brace (yes, those braces that kids wear!). While few adults are overly eager to undertake treatment with a traditional brace, it may offer many advantages compared to its more discrete counterparts.

However, If you are only aiming to straighten a few teeth, or have a mild to moderate overbite, then it is likely that you will be suitable for treatment with clear braces in Spa Dental Sydney CBD.

Which then leads to the ever-growing question in dentistry; which type of brace is better overall?

Traditional or clear braces near Spa Dental Sydney CBD? Here, 5 areas of usage are explored and these 2 different types of brace are compared. Enjoy!


Almost every orthodontic treatment available is going to cause a minor level of discomfort.

Clear braces from Spa Dental Sydney CBD, like Invisalign, offer the advantage of not requiring tightening. You simply switch the aligner as and when you are advised to by your dentist. Compared to traditional braces, this proves to be more comfortable overall, as every orthodontic brace requires adjusting throughout the time you wear it.

Ease of use

Traditional braces are fitted and then, barring some adjustments and trips to the hygienist, you don’t have to worry about them. Aligners like Invisalign require you to keep track of wear, change the aligners and ensure that you brush your teeth after every meal before putting this removable brace back in.

So, depending on your memory and discipline, traditional braces may offer more ease of use in day-to-day life.

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Treatment time

Treatment time is tough when it comes to aligners and orthodontics is a very individual thing. While braces like Invisalign boast the ability to straighten teeth in 6 months or less, this varies with each individual and you may be wearing the brace for a longer period. Traditional aligners are renowned for being worn for longer periods, but once again, this may vary depending on the issue being treated and the skill of your orthodontist.


Invisalign and other invisible aligners are heralded as having a high inclusion; many people can wear them and experience a positive effect on their smiles due to them.

But there are exclusions; more complex cases cannot be treated with Invisalign and you cannot have any large gaps in your teeth. Traditional braces are great for both of these scenarios, but few dentists would fit an orthodontic aligner to treat a moderate issue. So, in this area, the complexity of your case is key to the best brace for you.


Both types of brace boast a success rate of over 96% long-term. Great! However, both types depend on you wearing a retainer once the treatment has been completed. So keep the retainer in!


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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