What does it mean to be done for fraud?

fraud and crime

There are many different kinds of fraud that can be committed and some of it, unfortunately, can be quite unknowingly done by an individual or a business. It is important to speak with a fraud solicitor if there has been any question about the legality of the action and especially so if a raid or an arrest has been made relating to this crime.

Any prosecution of this matter can be detrimental and life-changing, not only for the individual involved but for their family and business reputation. It can be difficult to financially come back from such an arrest, however, by using a professional to guide them through the right actions and to support and speak for them, there is definite hope and a lot can be done to restore their reputation.

There are several actions that are said to be fraudulent behaviour, by going through them briefly, potential clients can gain an understanding about certain actions that need to be avoided and when they should consult a lawyer.

SFO Investigations

Investigations from the Serious Fraud Office are generally dealing with matters of corruption, bribery, fraud or the rigging of financial institutions and enabling international tax evasion, to name a few. If there is an investigation underway from the serious fraud office, then consulting a lawyer is critical to ensuring that correct representation can be made to increase the chances of a successful outcome.

FCA Investigations

The Financial Conduct Authority is known to be responsible for ensuring more than 50,000 businesses are compliantly conducting respectable business. Should a business be under investigation, they may be invited to attend a compelled interview.

Immediately contact a lawyer should this invitation be presented so that both lawyer and business operator can discuss the potential reasons why they might be investigated and to gain support and guidance on how to conduct oneself during this process.

Tax investigations


New civil and criminal powers are given to the HMRC to allow them to resort to coercive measures to obtain tax information. This can include frightening raids and seizures of property and information. It can be and is usually completely unexpected and can have detrimental impacts on a business and the well-being of the business owner and their family.

With a proven track record in successfully supporting and defending both individuals and companies that are subjected to these investigations, individuals should seek the input and advice of a lawyer who can put their minds at ease.

Immigration fraud

There are many different kinds of immigration fraud, such as student visa fraud, modern slavery and human trafficking, sham marriages, fake degrees and many other considerations that can be identified by the court as fraudulent behaviour in an attempt to gain legal status into a country unlawfully.

Whether it has been performed out of desperation or even unwittingly, lawyers are compassionate and understanding in these matters and seek to find the best outcome for their clients.

By speaking with a professional, individuals who are subjected to investigations regarding potential fraudulent behaviours can find solace in knowing they have experienced and reputable lawyers on their side.

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