Top Fashion Essentials for Every Lady Boss

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Choosing what to wear is a common yet usually frustrating problem for many professional women. We, women, always want to wear outfits that won’t make us feel self-conscious. In work fashion, it is necessary to be comfortable, functional, yet still stylish, leaving us feeling strong and confident for another day at work. Whether your workplace requires a trendy or conservative style, professionalism is never out of the context.

Here are some work fashion basics every working woman needs:

High-quality blazer

One thing that should be on top of your list is a well-made blazer. This is an investment that you will absolutely find most worthwhile. While they feel and look different, well-made blazers have nice classic cuts and are fitted in the right aspects. You basically need one that you can wear for a formal and casual style. Also, avoid boxy blazers as they can make you appear bigger. The blazer should be properly narrowed in the rib cage and waist to accentuate your figure, making you look shapelier and thinner. But if you’re after comfort, you can always opt for a more loose fit.

Roomy work bag

Investing in a high-quality and spacious bag is always worth the money. Opt for something with multiple dividers or pockets so you can better organize your things. Ideally, you need a professional and sleek bag that can hold your lunch, wallet, phone, notebook or tablet, makeup kit, and umbrella. If you bring your work computer with you every day, opt for a bag with a padded sleeve laptop sleeve. There are also work bags with a key leash, which is very convenient to keep your house and car keys.

Black pants

Among the most versatile items to have in your wardrobe are black pants. They can be easily paired with a printed top if you’re going for a statement, chic look, or a white button-down for a smart and sleek style. Editor pants can be a good option but it’s difficult to find ones with excellent fit without being too tight or baggy. You can just go with loose, ankle cropped pants that are perfect for work and play.

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Neutral flats

You can’t and you shouldn’t wear high heels all day long. Get a pair of comfortable, neutral flats that you can wear on your travel to work or home. They are not just comfy and easier to walk in but are often less expensive too. Wearing these unsung heroes after walking or running around the office is definitely a relief that every working woman needs. For comfortable wear and fit, opt for flats with padded leather insole and flexible elastic collar.

Trench coat

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good trench coat, right? They are not just perfect formal cover-ups for your simple white silk blouse or button-down, but also great wear for travel. It’s stylish, warm, and convenient to wear when commuting to work. You have the option to choose between a modern look such as a pastel pink coat with hidden buttons or a classic option like a cream single-breasted coat. Pick the right length so you won’t have to worry about what tops to throw on. Want to have a sexier silhouette? Get a trench coat with buttons or belt detail.

Hair essentials

Having beautiful hair at work is one vital thing a stylish woman doesn’t forget. Some basic essentials to have are a shine spray to keep your hair healthy-looking and glossy, a texturizer for those who want to add texture and volume, and hairspray to lock your hairstyle for the day. If you are lazy in doing some hairstyles, get yourself a hot iron hair straightening brush, which is easy to use and will preserve your hair’s volume, unlike flat irons. Dry shampoo would also come in handy when you can’t shampoo your hair. It can remove greasiness or excess oil from your hair. Just apply it to the root to prevent your hair’s texture from getting damage.

Accent jewelry

While most professional attire tends to be plain and sleek, it doesn’t mean you can wear some accessories. Add a bit of style or chic to your everyday look. If you’re wearing a white top with black pants and a blazer, throw on a statement necklace. If you’re wearing clothes in other classic and neutral colors, add some funky or pop jewelry like earrings to make your look more interesting.

Dress like a professional powerhouse without sacrificing comfort and style using these amazing tips. Choose the clothing and accessories that represent your style and personality. Remember, your outfit should represent who you are and that is a hardworking and confident professional woman.

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