Fashion in the Time of COVID-19: How to Dress Up Appropriately

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With the severity of the pandemic persisting in many countries, thinking about fashion may seem shallow to many. But when you consider that each of us is fighting different battles, you should face your own obstacles the way you see fit, without shame, even if that means dressing to the nines.

If you’re feeling blue because you can no longer put on makeup like you used to, go that Zoom meeting sporting a vampy lip if you want to. After all, you can always look your best while being sensitive to the current crisis.

Likewise, if your house clothes start to tamper with your self-confidence, go ahead and dress up. Treat yourself to liberty clothing to stay in-style during your virtual meetings. Don’t let society dictate how you should look like, just because others aren’t as blessed as you.

Fashion Still Goes On, Despite the Pandemic

Fashion is a business. Therefore, it continues to evolve, even amid a pandemic. Seemingly insignificant acts such as donning corporate attire for a Zoom conference supports the industry. Employers or managers requiring staff to dress up for virtual meetings does the same thing.

That’s because our outfits are more critical than we realize. They show our professionalism and distinguish our duties. For instance, if you’re an attorney in loungewear, your clients aren’t likely to perceive you as professional and credible. On the contrary, if you dress sharply, you’d immediately command respect.

The slob-chic style may be the trend these days, but that doesn’t mean smart casual should be thrown out the window. Sure, pajamas are comfortable, especially if you’re working on your bed, but if you’re in a button-down or polo shirt, you’d feel more accomplished.

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But sadly, fashion brands aren’t seeing a growth in business attire sales. In April, clothing sales dropped 79%, but tracksuit and sweatpants purchases rose to 70% and 80%, respectively. Pajama sales also jumped, reaching 143%.

Of course, it’s understandable that we don’t have much reason to buy new business attire. However, we shouldn’t disregard the fact that dressing smartly remains essential these days. You can always don your shorts while wearing your crisp dress shirt and blazers, anyway.

Dressing Up For Fall

Another reason to stay hyped about fashion is — the favorite season of many — fall. It’s the time for cashmere sweaters, trench coats, bombers, and knee-high boots again. And since a lot of places have re-opened already, might as well go out (with masks, of course) and flaunt your newest fall haul.

Go to a Sunday brunch in a leather waistband dress that falls into a full, billowy skirt. The style is also suited for work-related affairs, or just about anything.

If your style leans on the more comfortable side, suit up with a black blazer, pairing it with matching trousers. You can keep it casual by wearing white sneakers, or switch it up to corporate immediately by swapping those for oxfords or heels.

And of course, who would want to miss wool clothing, another fall statement? Go on a stroll hand-in-hand with your significant other in matching wool sweaters or jackets, and for a while, you may forget all your worries about the world.

The Future of Fashion

Alison Matthews David, a fashion historian and professor at Ryerson University, stated that the pandemic will change the fashion landscape, but exactly how is unpredictable for now. She told that loungewear will most likely influence day wear post-pandemic, and some may capitalize on being able to dress up again.

Furthermore, masks may become more than just a protective gear. Even now, there are already stylish ones being sold. Thus, we may see a more playful trend later this year and next. The pandemic could turn out to be a historic game-changer in the fashion industry.

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