Fashion Police: The Rules for Wearing Athleisure Apparel

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The first rule of fashion is that there are no rules in fashion – not hard and fast ones, anyway. But does this really hold true? Some believe denim on denim and mixed prints are a fashion faux pas. Trend experts also say your shoes and bag should match.

It’s understandable that people would say there are no rules in fashion. The ones mentioned above are some of the so-called “rules” that people have actually been breaking for years. But while fashion is a way to express yourself, your comfort should still remain your top priority.

Comfort is the main reason athleisure fashion was born. Sportswear is often made from comfortable, stretchy fabrics that give you the freedom to move however you want. Though you only spend so much time in workout clothes, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel as comfortable anywhere else. This is why sports-inspired athleisure fashion is a trend that has taken off the way it has.

With utmost comfort in mind, there are still some rules when wearing athleisure clothing.

1. Mix colors

Athleisure fashion doesn’t have to be all black. Remember: you’re not actually going to the gym, so you don’t need all black to hide sweat stains. Keep up with colors of the season like pastels in the summer and teal or burgundy for the winter.

2. Mix function and fashion

Clothing made from performance fabrics, like Descente ski pants, are the ideal athleisure fashion items. When your apparel is made from performance fabric, they’re usually quick drying and odor resistant. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your clothes being see-through when you bend forward or about your muffin top showing with every move.

3. Invest in neutrals

Neutral clothing, especially for athleisure apparel, makes it easy for you to mix and match. With neutral basics, you can easily pair your sporty clothes, like a sports bra, with more casual items such as a denim jacket. As you get more comfortable with the style, you can build your athleisure wardrobe up with louder prints and bolder colors.

4. Accessorize properly

When wearing an athleisure look, one way to turn your style from gym rat into street slick is by accessorizing properly. Always carry a pair of mirrored sunglasses or wear a smartwatch. An extra shirt tied around your waist also works for the athleisure look, especially if you’re wearing your leggings as your pants.

5. Dress accordingly

Though you’re going for the athleisure look, you can’t get away with wearing just a sports bra and shorts when going somewhere other than your gym or on the street for a run. This is where your mixing and matching skills come to use. Try throwing on a duster coat or a structured blazer over your sports bra-and-leggings ensemble for a more polished look.

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5. Choose the right footwear

Ditch your stilettos for sneakers when rocking the athleisure look. Sneakers provide the perfect combination of sporty and trendy. Wearing sneakers is also a way to ensure that your feet are protected and comfortable all day.

When wearing athleisure clothing, the most important thing to remember is to make your comfort a priority. This way, you can stay fit and look good while also having the most fun.

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