Three Treatable Age-related Medical Conditions

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Prioritizing health is a must for everyone. It is beneficial to one’s mental well-being and helps prevent critical medical conditions. Having a balanced lifestyle is particularly important for the elderly. As bodies age, they’re at higher risk of contracting diseases.

Here are three treatable health conditions senior citizens should pay attention to:


Vision problems are more common as people get older. Some experience dry eyes or presbyopia, while others suffer from more serious disorders. The good news is that some critical conditions such as glaucoma can be treated with surgery. But, if left undiagnosed and untreated, it can lead to permanent blindness. Like most health problems, eye conditions benefit from a healthy lifestyle. Doctor-prescribed vitamins and balanced diets can slow down or prevent problems. Besides age and health, family history is also another factor for eye-related disorders. Make sure to ask your relatives if they’ve been diagnosed with eye conditions.

Since a number of eye conditions share symptoms or show no signs at all, it’s best to get a checkup to detect any problem early on. Check with your healthcare provider if they cover eye exams. Some health insurance includes tests for elderly people.

Urinary Incontinence


It can be an embarrassing topic, but it’s a problem that can affect anyone, especially older adults. Women, in particular, are at higher risk of experiencing it than men.

Don’t let your shyness prevent you from seeking medical attention. Think of it as a health problem commonly experienced across the world. The lack of control can be a sign of a serious condition such as prostate cancer. It can also affect the quality of your life.

There are also steps such as Kegel exercises and diet changes which you can do at home to improve your control. If the problem persists, it’s best to see a doctor who can recommend different types of treatments.

Oral Health Problems

Oral health is often overlooked, but it’s crucial for a person’s health and confidence. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a high percentage of adults over 65 have some sort of an oral health problem. It can be anything from tooth loss and gum disease to tooth decay. On the bright side, such problems can be treated with surgery or an appointment to the dentist.

To save money and improve your health, you can start at home. Brush your teeth twice per day and floss once a day. Even if you haven’t experienced any discomfort, it’s good to have a dental checkup at least once every year. If you’re a smoker, you should quit or at least limit your tobacco use. On top of the oral problems mentioned above, it’s also the leading cause of lung cancer.

Senses naturally decline as part of aging. As bodies grow older, the organs lose some of their function and bones weaken. But it doesn’t mean that you should let go of your physical well-being. There are treatments and preventive measures that can keep your body moving optimally. Elderly people are setting records and impressing scientists.

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