New Perspectives on the Definition of Health

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To be healthy is to lead a happy and active life. You’ve heard and seen different versions of that statement, but what does it really mean for you? For most people, it means exercising every day – building muscle and endurance and attaining other specific fitness goals.

However, many will argue, health goes beyond physical fitness. How would a family medical expert here in Orem define a healthy lifestyle, and what separates the “healthy” from the rest?

Food choices that nourish and energize

If you’re just preoccupied with doing your workout and exercise program, you won’t achieve your health goals. Your body needs energy to be active and to participate. But you are not making healthy choices if you take your meals in fast-food restaurants.

After your daily run, it matters what you put inside your mouth to eat. A diet dominated by processed foods is not suitable for anybody. A nitpicked nutritious and costly gourmet meal is not for everyone. Remember that food is your energy source.

Every cell in your body is a microscopic factory that metabolizes nutrients. Food is a necessity, but it can also be the source of illness. You have to pick a middle ground and make food choices that fit your health goals and your budget. By doing so, you can control your weight and feel good about the way you look.

Start making smart and healthy food choices today.

Creative pursuits and exploration

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Dance, music, art and other passions of the heart are essential to a healthy life. If you have a talent that wants to be let out, then give it a chance. Were you previously active in an art form? If you are on a hiatus, why don’t you consider giving it another chance?

Having innate talent in the creative arts is a gift not everyone is given. It’s never too late to harness your gift and attain expertise in your craft. Perhaps there is one more thing you can contribute to the world. Curiosity is at the very heart of the human experience. It drives us forward, and beyond the world we know.

There are plenty of benefits you can attain by exploring the world. There are natural wonders and human-made structures that you have yet to witness. Experiencing the world offers a new perspective on what is important to you and helps you understand yourself at greater depth.

To be healthy is to pursue creative interests and explore beyond your comfort zone. What are you passionate about?

Participate and live a full life

Nurturing relationships is an essential aspect of healthy living. One cannot live a full and healthy life alone. The word is filled with other people, and interacting with others defines what we value in life. Are you nurturing healthy relationships with family, friends and co-workers?

According to the World Health Organization, health is a state composed of “mental, physical and social well-being.” You’re healthy if you’re not suffering from an illness. But you are only truly healthy if you live a full life recognizing yourself as an integral part of your community and the world.

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