The Body Veggie: 4 Awesome Things That Moringa Can Do for You

Moringa leaves

Moringa — the wonder veggie. Not only is it packed with vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy and boost your immune system, but it also has other interesting benefits that work like magic. Here are some of them:

Great for Skin

Moringa is packed with skin nourishing properties. A moringa infused herbal soap contains that much-needed dose vitamin C, which is crucial for the collagen in your skin to remain at ample levels, in order to keep it looking soft and smooth.

Moringa is a popular herbal soap ingredient in the Philippines and many of those who use these soaps can attest to the skin rejuvenating properties of this skin care product. People are simply raving about the restorative power of moringa enriched herbal soaps — all thanks to its rich natural antibacterial properties and loads of antioxidants that help keep the skin looking young and all those fine lines at bay.

Helps in Lactation

Another amazing benefit of Moringa is it helps nursing mothers increase their milk supply and is also considered a source of the important nutrients and minerals that keep moms healthy, too. Moringa can be blended with fruit shakes (like pineapple), veggie shakes, and can be used in soups as well.

There are many ways to include this wonder veggie into your diet, so there’s always something that will work for anyone who wants to try it, especially for those who aren’t big vegetable eaters. This green leafy veg blends well with other ingredients, so it’s one of the easiest veggies one can learn to eat, whether in its original, powdered, or capsule form.

Strengthens Bones

Echoing the point mentioned above, nursing mothers need all the extra dose of vitamins and minerals to keep their bodies healthy and strong. Nursing moms lose more calcium daily, and taking in moringa supplements will not only effectively boost their milk supply, but also keeps their bones strong as it is a rich source of calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for bone health.

Anyone can benefit from Moringa, especially young children whose bones need calcium for proper development and bone strength. As far as it goes, this veggie has something good to offer for all ages.

Good for the Tummy

Hand making heart showing belly

If you’re all about staying healthy and keeping a healthy digestive system, including Moringa in your diet is a good way to keep your tummy in tip-top condition. It can also help resolve common stomach disorders like constipation, gastritis, and ulcers.

Thanks to its rich antibiotic properties — on top of its antibacterial properties, this mighty veggie acts as a natural supplement that can keep your intestinal health at an optimum level. It also has antifungal and antimicrobial properties that help protect from infections and bacterial diseases caused by e-coli and salmonella.

Looking at all these wonderful benefits from Moringa, it is easy to understand why people are raving about it and why even more people are starting to use Moringa-infused skin care products and including it in their diet, as well.


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