Summer Skincare Solutions: How to Take Care of Your Skin While on Vacation

Beautiful Skin

In no time, the season for sunshine and showing some skin will be upon us again. But long periods of sun exposure can result in skin damage. Maintain your smooth and healthy skin during the summer even while traveling with these tips.

Take Low-Temperature Showers

During the summer, the skin becomes more susceptible to dryness and dehydration. Hot showers can further dehydrate the skin, turn the heat down to keep your skin from further dehydration. Cooler water also helps your body cool down faster after time under the sun. Cool showers prevent your skin from tightening pores and cuticles. Use shower and bath gel products that are infused with natural extracts such as aloe vera and chamomile to help maintain moisture and leave the skin invigorated and clean. Also, limit your time in the shower or bath, as long showers may rob your skin of moisture.

Cleanse, Dampen, and Moisturize

After taking a shower, don’t towel dry completely, just yet. The skin, while still damp is more receptive to whatever you apply on it. So, it’s best to slather on moisturizing creams and body lotions when you step out of the shower. This way, you have a double layer of protection, with your skin absorbing moisture and the water locking it in. This also applies to your facial skin care regimen. After washing your face, pat it lightly to get rid of drips but keep it damp. It will make your face more receptive of the minerals and active ingredients that are in moisturizers. These moisturizers also help seal water in the pores, maintaining hydration for a longer time.

Don’t Skip the Sunscreen

Woman applying sunscreen

This summer staple never disappoints. Although most people include it in their skincare regimen throughout the year, sunscreen is made primarily to – you guessed it – protect your skin from the sun especially during the summer. When shopping for sunscreen and other sun-blocking products, pay attention to the following details:

  • Protection Rating – You’re going to want all the protection you can get so make sure that you purchase a product with an adequate protection rating. Certain activities require different levels. Evaluate your type of vacation and use that to determine the SPF level you will need.
  • Ingredients – Stay away from synthetics and chemicals that may cause damage instead of afford protection. Harmful ingredients can damage your skin and even disrupt your hormonal system.
  • Water Resistance – It is more ideal to get water-resistant sunscreen as this keeps you from reapplying the product too often. Though the bottles usually indicate how frequently you should reapply, sunscreen will last longer if it can resist sweat and water.

Carry a Cool Down Kit

Keep your skin from overheating while you are enjoying some fun in the sun – include a cool down kit with your beach essentials. Water mists, soothing sprays, and aloe vera lotions help alleviate burns and overheating.

Drink PLENTY of Water

Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is the key to staying fresh and active throughout the day. It may be a hassle to lug around but it pays to have a bottle of water wherever you go, especially if you’ll spend long periods under the sun. Not only does it help flush out toxins, but water is your body’s natural way of moisturizing form the inside.

Keep your body from over-heating and your skin from burning by staying on top of your skin’s needs throughout the day. Avoid skin damage that can dampen an otherwise great time and make your summer one for the books.

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