Taking a Day Off in the Time of Coronavirus

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In the pre-coronavirus era, taking time off means so many things that require going out and being near to people. Friday nights meant going to a local pub or dance all night. Days off included plans with friends, whether it’s lunch in your favorite restaurant or go to an amusement park. A little ‘me’ time every week allowed people to reconnect with their hobbies or go out of town.

All these are off the table when the coronavirus struck. “Stay at home” became its slogan. Suddenly, people are wearing pajamas in meetings and classes.

As a result, days off changed as well. There’s nothing much to do from home–unless online window shopping for used trucks for sale is considered unwinding.

The Strain of Work from Home (WFH)

Some people think that WFH is a lot more “chill”. What’s not to love? You do your work in the comfort of your home with full control of your environment. You can cuddle your dog while working. The daily commute is eliminated, so you save more time and money.

Sadly, that’s not the case. 41 percent of “highly mobile,” meaning those who are not constrained in the office, reported their stress levels were high. This is significantly higher than the 25 percent of office workers. WFH has its own set of problems such as having so many distractions and difficulty setting boundaries.

The Day Off

The best way to know where work starts and ends is to set a schedule. Don’t know where it ends for the day? Then end it.

“Easy for you to say,” says the workaholic. There’s a lot of self-discipline involved in following a schedule. For example, you can work from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. The moment 5 o’clock hits, turn off the notifications for anything work-related. This way, you won’t be tempted to check anything sent to you beyond your work hours. If you’re incredibly tempted, remember self-control.

Aside from this, set a day when you’re fully free from work. Whether it is a Sunday or a Monday, you need to enjoy the joy of not thinking about your job. Contrary to popular belief, there are so many things you can do at home.

Solo Disco

It might be difficult to go out, but cranking up the volume is not—as long as you don’t cause sleepless nights to your neighbors. The best thing about a solo disco is there’s nobody to judge you. If you have a roommate, ask them to join and bust out the moves. There’s nothing wrong with looking absolutely silly in the middle of your room. Besides, there’s been some quality newly release bops since February (See: Dynamite by BTS).

Start a DIY Project

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Maybe your room needs more shelves or maybe you miss your friends a lot. It’s always a good time to start DIY-ing. You can look back at your regular lunches and trips by printing a few pictures. From there, you can make a decorative candle, photo lamps, letter collages, etc. There are so many arts and crafts projects from pictures alone—or you can just frame them and place them on more shelves.

Get Solace from Your Hobbies—or Learn a New One

If you’re into art, your hobbies are more accessible. You can make a photo journal of life in quarantine or a film featuring mundane objects at home. You can draw or paint fan art.

On the other hand, those with outdoorsy hobbies can consult the internet for some self-teaching sessions. YouTube has a plethora of tutorials for almost anything. If you want to get more serious, you can take masterclasses online.

Who Could Forget? Watch Movies and Binge-watch Shows

Think of how many shows you’ve put off watching because you’re too busy. Now is a good time to catch up on shows and TV because it looks like they’re not releasing that much new content soon. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. It’s the only day of the week when you can do this freely.

Or You Could Do Nothing

Studies show that doing nothing is a good exercise for the brain. Doing nothing means that your brain is free to wander and daydream. This explains why you remember random things in the shower or think of the best concept ever. This means that allowing your brain to rest is productive, especially because it benefits creativity and imagination.

So, give yourself time to rest. Take it as preparation for the upcoming work week. The email needs to find you well, and one way to keep you sane if by taking a break.

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