Tips to Make Baking Your New Hobby


Baking does tend to get difficult, especially for beginners. You might think that going out and buying all the latest bakery equipment will make things easier. But the fact is, no amount of equipment will save you if you aren’t entirely sure of what you are doing. So, here are a few tips that will make it easier for you to bake the day away!

Room Temperature

When you start baking, you’ll probably notice that many of the recipes call for the use of ingredients that are at room temperature. You’ve seen it before, and you’ll see it again. Here’s the reason behind that baking requirement: it’s easier to cream ingredients together when they’re at room temperature.

Baking is a game of patience and preparation. So plan accordingly. Otherwise, you need to wait for the ingredients to warm up to room temperature every single time.

Same Temperature

It’s not just room temperature that you should be thinking about. You should also be using ingredients that are at the same temperature. You should only add hot ingredients to another hot ingredient, and cold ingredients should only be mixed together. Unless a recipe specifically calls for otherwise, always assume that you’ll be mixing ingredients of the same temperature.

Quality Equipment

The right equipment will make a difference. There’s no reason to go out and buy the best of everything immediately, but don’t use subpar equipment that can negatively affect your output. Start with the essential baking tools. From there, you can add and upgrade other tools and equipment.

Prep Pans Properly


If you have ever had the nightmare of your baked goods sticking to your pans, it’s probably because you hadn’t prepped the pans right. Butter and flour make a huge difference in preventing your cakes from sticking. Make sure you get butter and flour (or baking spray) into every side of the pan so that the cake won’t stick.

Measure Properly or Weigh Your Ingredients

When you bake, recipes will call for precise measurements of ingredients. Make sure that you correctly measure your ingredients because being off even just a little bit can make a huge impact on the results. If you want better accuracy, weigh your ingredients instead. Keep in mind to press tare to adjust for the container’s weight.

Use Fresh Ingredients

You might think that you can bake things using things that have been in your pantry for some time. But that is quite wrong— the majority of baking ingredients have a short shelf life. By that, we mean you have to toss them out frequently; otherwise, prepare to purchase in small amounts. You don’t want to start baking with rancid ingredients, especially without you even realizing it.

Here’s a final reminder: as you bake, take time in each step. Also, use salt because salt can help to bring the sweetness of your recipes out. Once you get your cakes or pies in the oven, remember to rotate halfway through — each oven will have a hot spot, so you’ll have one side burnt if you don’t.

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