Self-Care for 2020: Things You Can Do for Yourself

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Looking to self-care on your days off has been a staple last year and seems like a promising thing you can take to 2020. Since the holiday season is over and as the New Year kicks off, you have to get back your nine-to-five routines. It shouldn’t be that big of a problem since you’ll always have the weekends. If you’re looking for things to do, here are some self-care day treatments you can do at any budget.

Try Out Some Home Treatments from Korea

Korea made waves in the skincare and self-care world last year with brands like Innisfree and CosRX make their way into beauty influencers’ nightly routine. If you’re on a budget, you can try out some sheets or clay packs available at your nearest drugstore. Browse through Netflix while you the mask on and wait for it to do its wonders.

If you’ve been meaning to take the time to build your skincare routine, the multi-step night routines from Korea are conveniently bought in sets. You can do your research and check reviews to help you pick the one that suits your skin type.

Get A Facial to Suit Your Skincare Needs and Issues

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If you have skin concerns like acne, dark spots, uneven skin tone, or hyperpigmentation, a productive way of using your self-care day is by getting a facial. There’s a myriad of variants available all around Utah and we’re certain there’s one out there for you. From chemical and diamond peels to hydrating to exfoliating to anti-aging, a well-picked facial will work for any skin concern and even when you just need around an hour of “me time”.

Visit Your Local Spa for A Luxurious Body Scrub or A Massage

If you’re looking for a more luxury treatment for the extra relaxation, you can always drop by your local spa. Even the smallest of counties have a spa in the vicinity so even when you’re out of town, you can still have your self-care day.

Get a massage if you’ve been feeling like your back hurts or your muscles feel tight in places. You may also opt for a body scrub if you want to exfoliate your entire body. Either way, it’ll feel wonderful and we’re sure you’ll be more than rejuvenated and ready for the next week once you walk out the door.

Supplement Your Weight Loss Resolution with Body Contouring

Another trend that came with cutting-edge technology can help you with your weight loss resolution. If you want to supplement your workout and diet with a more targeted way of getting the body of your dreams, try body contouring. You can find tons of options if you’re looking for the right pain-free weight loss treatment for you.

With the workdays resuming, you may tend to stress over things more simply because there are more things to think about than during the holidays. It’s a good thing that you can take your day off and turn it into something you genuinely enjoy and something that can help you throughout your journey of wellness in the long run.

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