Rooms, Hues and Our Moods

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Although scientists still cannot explain the connection between colours and people’s moods, the fact that colours affect our mood remains. The colours we choose to surround ourselves with have a significant influence on our actions.

This includes the way we act, feel and think. And it becomes important to be mindful of what each colour signifies and the mood it can bring when choosing a shade for different rooms in our home. But what exactly are the room colours that can affect our moods?

You have definitely heard the idioms “feeling blue” or “green with envy,” but how did these start in the first place? Do these colours truly correspond to these attitudes? The great thing is that to make sure you buy a home and land for sale here in the Geelong area that looks beautiful, you don’t need to worry about colour trends – all these come and go.

What you truly need is a home that looks wonderful not because it follows trends, but because you have chosen colours based on your personalities and preferences. The challenge, if anything, is to make sure the colours you like looks pleasing when combined.

To help you make the right choice of room colours that truly reflect who you are as a person, here are the most common colours and how these affect your mood:

Roaring Red

Known as the colour of love and passion, red just screams energy. It can stimulate appetites and promote increased communication. This colour is also capable of increasing a person’s blood pressure and heart rate.

If this is a colour you would like to try in your bedroom and living room, muted, rich reds can offer that softer, more elegant look that’s perfect for those strong, independent adults.

Keep Calm and Choose Green

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Green is a colour that gives off a relaxing, stress-relieving vibe, making it the perfect choice for any room inside the house. This shade can keep the atmosphere in a room subtle, encouraging you to unwind and just rest for a bit, whether it is in the living room or bedroom.

It is great for places where families gather because it also promotes comfort, tranquillity, and togetherness. It has both the refreshing quality of blue hues as well as the cheery, vibrant feel that yellow is known for. For the seating area, deep, mossy greens combined with white is an excellent option.

If you have wooden furniture, the earthy tones of green can make for a beautiful, organic pairing. Cucumber green, on the other hand, is perfect for that spa-like bathroom.

Yes to Yellow? Think Again

Yellow is often associated with the bright sunshine, so it is not surprising that it evokes feelings of happiness and positivity. It’s a great choice of colours for areas that need to have that energising, uplifting vibe, such as the dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

For smaller spaces, it can give off that expansive, welcoming feel. However, you need to be extra careful with this shade.

Too much of it can backfire, especially if it is on the brighter side. It has been known to cause fatigue and anxiety when overused. It is also associated with feelings of anger and frustration. But, if this is a colour you are willing to try, make sure it’s in the right amount.

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