Aging in Place: What Home Features Should You Look For?

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Searching for a home that will fit your needs right now and in the future isn’t an easy task. Done right, however, having a home that suits your needs perfectly will allow you to stay comfortably and safely in your house for as long as possible.

If you’re scanning property listings for sale in Eagle Mountain, below are some home features to watch out for to help make certain that you can live independently as you approach your senior years.

Comfortable, slip-resistant floor

Classic wood, rubber, or cork floors are excellent options for rooms with high foot traffic. These materials will be safer for falls and more forgiving on your joints than harder floor materials like concrete, tile, or stone.

Covered entry without steps

An entry that’s covered, has sufficient lighting, and has no steps is vital for easy walker and wheelchair access. You should also consider looking for an entry with ample covering and space for outdoor and indoor seating. This way, you can set down grocery bags and rest for a bit when going in or out your house.

Adequate clearance

Find a house with sufficient clearance in all passages and hallways so that you can easily navigate your home should you end up needing a walker or wheelchair. This is an especially important feature in the kitchen where there are plenty of drawers, cabinets, counters, and appliances you can easily bump into.

Pullout shelves and easy-open drawers

Having a kitchen with lots of pullout shelves and drawers will help you navigate your kitchen without much effort and needless aches and pains. While you can remodel your home in the future to accommodate these features, it’s better that you find a house now so you won’t have to deal with renovations later on.

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Right kitchen seating height

Typical seating on most kitchen islands could be too hard to utilize as you grow older, plus falls from higher seating could lead to more serious consequences. That being said, your kitchen needs to have seating that’s not too high nor too low, or at the very least, space for an eating nook or table.

Accessible shower

A shower without a step or rim you have to step over will be safer and easier for you to use. You can always add more accessible features later on such as grab bars. It’s better that you find a house with an accessible shower, so you won’t have to do major renovations in the future.

Easy-to-access outdoor space

Look for a house with an outdoor space that won’t require stairs to access. If you can find one with French doors or massive windows the better, so you’ll be able to enjoy looking out even when you’re lounging inside.

Yes, finding the right home where you can comfortably age in place can be daunting. Keep the features mentioned above to make the task easier for you. And remember that you can always renovate in the future if you can’t find all of the features you’re looking for.

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