Prep Your Home Before Leaving: Don’t Let the Burglars Know You’re on Holiday


Imagine this: you just checked into a hotel hundreds of miles away from home when you got a phone call. It was about someone breaking into your house. You had to pack your suitcase and take the next flight back home, forgoing all the fun tours and relaxing days you were so excited to experience.

You don’t want that scene to happen, especially when you’re on a trip abroad or an extended holiday out of town. Besides making sure your passport and travel itinerary are ready, spend ample time preparing your home security. You don’t need to equip your house with state-of-the-art burglar systems (well, it’s great if you can). Here are simple preps you can do to prevent burglars from knowing you’re on holiday:

Maintain Your Yard

A tall aluminum fence greatly secures your home, but overgrown trees or bushes near it does the opposite. Burglars don’t want to be seen, so they look for houses with big fences and an overgrown yard.  Mow your lawn, trim the bushes, and cut overgrown tree branches before you go on a long holiday, and consider asking a friend or a neighbor to do the same while you’re away. If you don’t want to inconvenience others, hire a landscaping company and schedule their service when you’re away.

Leave a Car in the Driveway

Most of the burglars said they’d think twice if they see a vehicle in the driveway, as it’s a clear sign that someone is home. If it’s possible, leave your car in the driveway but make sure it’s secure, as well.

Cancel Regular Deliveries

A stack of magazines on your doorstep or a letterbox brimming with envelopes can attract unwanted attention, including that of a burglar eyeing your neighborhood. Before you go on holiday, cancel all your regular deliveries. If it isn’t possible, ask a friend or neighbor to get those deliveries for you.

Do Smart Lighting

Porch yellow light

Imagine a burglar driving around your neighborhood and seeing your porch light on in the middle of the day. Your house would be an easy target — that light indicates no one has been home for a long time.

To prevent that from happening, consider smart lighting. Many appliances, including home lighting, can now be controlled remotely from a smartphone. You can switch your home lights on during the night or off in the morning with one click on your phone while you’re sipping a cocktail on the beach. Smart lighting gives the impression that someone’s home while you’re enjoying your holiday miles away.

Don’t Close the Blinds

Drawn blinds or drapes during the day scream the fact you’re on holiday. Don’t close the blinds, curtains, and drapes in all the rooms; just leave them the way you usually do when you’re at home.

Escaping your daily routine and going to a beach resort for a week should be nothing but fun. But amidst all the excitement of getting your suitcases packed and rushing out the door, it’s easy to forget about making your home secure. Make sure you have a stress-free holiday by preparing your home before leaving.

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