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It can seem overwhelming to try to tackle the task of preparing for the SAT by oneself. Especially for those international students who did not have the luxury of studying in the US system. Lucky enough, there are plenty of opportunities to prepare for upcoming SAT dates by working with a tutor.

Traditionally, tutors need to hold one-on-one secessions to help their students learn and master the exam. This is no longer the case. In London, for instance, online SAT Tutoring has become the new convenient method of tutoring.

Advantages of Online Tutoring

Some of the main advantages of online tutoring are availability, accessibility, and technology. These advantages are especially helpful for the international students who require the expert advice of experienced tutors. Although the SAT is primarily for students within the USA, there are thousands of non-US citizens who register each year for the opportunity to study in a US university.

Online tutors allow for flexible hours for virtual one-on-one advising. The elimination of commuting with the combination of choosing one’s environment to study in provides for a level of availability and accessibility that previously was unavailable. Meaning students in London will be able to benefit as well as US citizens who receive tutoring.

Technology has also improved its online learning experience in recent years. With more people connected now than ever, learning in the 21st century has become easier by practice. Tutor’s have benefitted from these recent advances with a plethora of applications to choose from, including interactive whiteboards, screen sharing, and recording live sessions for students to revise at a later date.

Online Tutoring Bootcamp

Students serious about their academic achievements will have looked into intensive courses to accomplish their goal of studying in the USA. These courses are particularly useful for international students, as they tend to be tailored towards their needs. These highly interactive and challenging classes prepare the student with the necessary tools to perform well on the SAT. Kurt, a student from London, had this to say about the Bootcamp method for SAT Tutoring:

“I found myself in a phenomenally constructive environment and extremely motivated to master the techniques, improving my score notably within the first three days.”

Balance, Wellness, and Online Learning

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For the motivated students who are determined to attend university in the USA, it is common to spend hours without break at the computer screen. The opposite could also be true; if the student suffers from test anxiety, this may lead to chronic procrastination. Unchecked, lack of regular intervals and anxiety may lead to a decrease in overall wellness, burnout, and procrastination. This negatively impacts SAT results. In a research article published in developmental psychology, the authors found worry negatively predicted changes in student’s GPA.

To remedy this, a mixed approach is generally advised. Employing mental health strategies such as mindfulness, practising a healthy diet, and implementing regular study breaks will optimise students preparation for sitting the SAT. Therefore, when choosing an online tutor, it would be beneficial to select one from a reputable site that also promotes a healthy learning method.

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