How to Regain What You’ve Lost After a Trucking Accident

Truck driver

Big rig drivers are prohibited by law to operate the vehicles assigned to them. If a driver drinks on the job and thinks that he can get away with it, something catastrophic can happen. Truck drivers are aware that driving under the influence of alcohol is a federal offense, but many do so despite having full knowledge of the potential consequences. This kind of reckless behavior puts lives at risk.

Drunk driving and truck drivers—a dangerous combination

Companies are required to conduct periodic alcohol and drug tests. Unfortunately, there are numerous cases of alcohol-related trucking accidents in the United States despite staunch legal prohibitions. Moreover, employers are often unaware of the risky behaviors of their drivers. Some states have higher standards than others, particularly for commercial truck drivers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMCSA) prohibits consumption of alcohol for at least four hours prior to engaging in operations involving trucks.

Legal support in the aftermath of a trucking accident

What must you do if you or the members of your family have been victimized by drunk trunk drivers? It is always prudent to ask for legal advice from a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles. A victim has legitimate claims; however, the compensation they can expect may not be given to them in full if they are unable to comply with legal requirements.

Establishing the offender’s guilt

Proving the guilt of a truck driver in a DUI offense requires establishing that he or she was under the influence when the accident occurred. If you are working with an experienced truck accident attorney, you will have the means to collect necessary testimony from witnesses who may have been on the scene. A lawyer will know that it can be critical to the case if your party will have medical evidence of inebriation such as blood analysis results. In addition, the driver’s testimony itself can lend substance to your claim. Should your case be taken to court, your lawyer can ask questions related to the accident while the driver is on the stand, swearing under oath to tell the truth.

Who can be made accountable for your misfortunes?

Driver's hand on stearing wheel

In a trucking accident, there may be more than one person accountable. With the help of an experienced lawyer, your party can establish the guilt of the driver and any other person who may have contributed to the accident. Negligence may be established on the part of the trucking company for failing to ensure that the vehicle is properly maintained. This may be relevant if causation has been established on mechanical failure as a contributing factor to the road crash that injured you or your loved one.

An experienced attorney can be your best ally. A trucking accident can change lives forever, and the injury and damages may be difficult to overcome. Medical bills, lost wages, permanent disability—these consequences are difficult to manage on your own, and with limited financial resources. With the right legal advice, you will have the chance to recover what you have lost and continue living a productive life.

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