How to Help Your Senior One Feel Pretty and Confident

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Every woman deserves to feel beautiful at any age, but many lose their confidence as they grow older. Seniors, in particular, are prone to having low self-esteem which prevents them from engaging in social events, meeting people, and doing the things they want. It negatively affects their mental health and overall enjoyment of life.

Depression is sadly very common among the elderly. About 6 million Americans age 65 and older are depressed, but only 10% receive treatment. Women, in particular, are at an increased risk of depression later in life.

Although there are many factors that lead to depression in the elderly, helping them regain their confidence might prevent them from experiencing mental health conditions. Here are some tips that may help your elderly loved one feel beautiful.

The Importance of Following a Skincare Routine

Your skin changes throughout your lifetime. As time passes, your skin loses elasticity which, at some point, will cause sagging and wrinkling.

It is not too late for seniors to implement a skincare routine. Diligently applying sunscreen and moisturizer can boost their self-image.

Women who are staying in nursing homes can benefit from following a skincare routine. It will help ease the transition and reminds them to take care of themselves.

Products containing retinoids, a powerful antioxidant, is said to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and improve the skin’s elasticity.

More importantly, encourage them to use sunscreen. Dermatologists say that the sun’s ultraviolet rays cause premature aging of the skin. Exposure to ultraviolet rays may lead to skin cancer.

Give Them a Makeover

A makeover can immediately improve the mood of a senior who is losing their confidence.

Something as simple as taking them to the hair salon for a hair cut can help them gain a better self-image. Some women may also want to color their hair darker to mask graying strands and appear younger.

Applying makeup for an event or whenever they want to get out of the house to meet friends would also make them feel beautiful. Choose the right lipstick, eye shadow, and blush shades that they can use daily.

Encourage Exercise

Seniors need physical activity. It will keep their bones and muscles strong, therefore, allowing them to become independent for longer, and healthy because it will keep illnesses at bay.

Exercise improves appearance, too. First, it prevents them from gaining excess weight, which can lead to numerous health conditions. Exercise is also great for the skin because it stimulates blood flow and boosting cell turnover.

They do not need to go to the gym to exercise. Walking for a couple of blocks every morning will give them ample physical activity for the day. Swimming is another low-impact exercise that is good for seniors, especially those who experience joint pains. Yoga is an ideal physical activity for the elderly because the practice improves flexibility and strengthens muscles.

Give Them Lots of Compliments

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A simple but effective way to make a senior be confident about their appearance is by giving them a compliment. Saying that they are beautiful will make them feel better about themselves. Tell them that they have a nice smile.

Compliment their other positive traits, too. Their kindness, their generosity, the amazing way they tell a story, etc. A sincere compliment can lift up their spirit.

Helping the elderly feel more confident about their appearance improves their mental health. It encourages them to live their life to the fullest and enjoy their later years.

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