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Make a lasting impression

First impressions are key to almost every form of social contact – and they act as a fundamental, almost irreversible, marker for how a person will treat and perceive you from then onwards. That is why it is key that – when you are meeting somebody you wish to wow or impress – you make a lasting impact when you get a chance. Studies have shown that a person’s smile is one of the most noticeable and influential parts of their face, and something which can have a serious impact on how they are perceived. If a person is seen to have straight, healthy looking teeth, they are generally considered to be trustworthy and attractive. Similarly, if a person is seen to have crooked or poorly looked after teeth, it can have the opposite effect. This is why those who feel their teeth are getting in the way of their success, ought to visit Spa Dental Sydney CBD for more information about the treatments available to them and what a dentist can do to help people start helping themselves.

A whole new smile

One of the best solutions for patients who are looking to completely rework or re envision their smile, is dental veneer treatment. Veneers are designed to address a number of different cosmetic dentistry ailments or issues which patients commonly have. Some of these include teeth which have become chipped or crooked, as well as teeth which are stained, yellowed, or marked, and teeth which have noticeable gaps between them. Veneers offer a solution to all these issues through one, relatively simple procedure. You may have heard of veneer treatment in the past, or perhaps recognise it in the smiles of celebrities and film stars. The reason for its worldwide acclaim is due to its ability in creating an entirely new, flawless smile. This is done through the construction of individual tooth front and back shells, which are bonded to the existing tooth and cover it up with a new one.

The treatment process

Anybody who believes that dental veneers may be the best solution to help them boost their smile and their self-esteem, ought to make an appointment with their local practitioner for a consultation. This consultation lets the patient become familiar with the veneer procedure, and what they can expect from it. It also allows the practitioner to assess the patient’s smile symmetry, and tooth colour, shape and sizing. In doing so it enables the veneer shells to be made to enhance the patient’s smile and look of their teeth, so that they blend in naturally. The patient’s teeth will need to be prepared before the shells can be fitted. This involves that a small amount of the patient’s enamel be worn down, prior to adhering the veneers to the tooth surface. This is done to make the tooth’s surface bind better with the veneer, and once the binding agent has been applied, each veneer is individually attached until the patient’s new smile is fully formed.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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