Food and Oral Hygiene: Top Things You Need to Know

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You may have heard people stressing about brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups as the essential aspects of oral care. That’s true, no matter how hackneyed it may be as a dental care tip. But there are also quite a few notions about food and oral hygiene that are floating around — something that you need to beware of. Your teeth are precious, and following a wrong suggestion can ruin them expensively.

Below are a few facts about food and oral care you should know at all costs:

Chances of tooth decay and the intake of sugar are interconnected

It’s the duration that the sugar is stuck to your teeth and not the amount you eat that determines the chances of tooth decay. Soda and slow-dissolving foods stay in the mouth for long — something that increases the acidic reaction between oral bacteria and your teeth. Constant consumption of sugary drinks (common amongst teenagers) increases the chances of tooth decay. Compared to such drinks, lemonade or non-sugary drinks are far safer.

The consequences of oral health issues go beyond the mouth

The truth is that any oral health issue can have some serious long-term effects on other parts of your body as well. Both oral health and overall physical health are inextricably connected. It is seen that children deficient in protein, vitamins, calcium, and calories are likely to face oral defects.

At the same time, if their mouth hurts due to some oral issue, they will not be able to focus on their studies. Moreover, they would be more inclined to consume easy-to-eat rather than nutritious foods.

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Diet and dentures are linked

Dentures are commonly used by elderly people after their natural teeth have fallen due to age. But if these miraculous dental accessories don’t fit well, things can become challenging for them. They may tend to rely on foods that are easy to chew. The nutritional quality of such foods is often questionable.

The key here is to have properly cooked veggies and canned fruits instead of their raw counterparts. A healthy intake of all the essential nutrients will certainly contribute to better oral health in the end.

OTC whiteners are weaker than whiteners given by dentists

The reality is that anything you get from the dentist — be it strawberry-flavored teeth whitening gel or any dental care product — will be better than what you get over the counter. Dentists’ whiteners may be slightly expensive, but they are undoubtedly stronger. A flavored teeth whitening gel given by a dentist can prevent staining of your teeth and can keep them clean.

It is time that you bust the wrong notions and learn the right way of taking care of your dental health. Following the right guidance will help you avoid unpleasant oral complications and keep your teeth white and clean. You can benefit from good oral hygiene for the rest of your life. Your future self will be thankful that you made the right decision to take good care of your oral health today.

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