Skin Care 101: The Essentials of Skin Care

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Skin care is an important activity in everyone’s life. It helps people rejuvenate their skin and reduce wrinkles. It can also help people avoid various skin problems such as acne, scarring, and black spots. Without skin care, we would fall victim to these things, but skin care in itself can be quite complicated. The key is in developing a routine and keeping it simple.

Keeping it Simple

The overall skincare industry is valued at a staggering $155 billion. This billion-dollar industry comes with a thousand brands, each with a different approach to skin care. Some will use different kinds of ingredients in hopes of alluring customers. At the same time, some require consumers to purchase an entire line of cosmetic products from moisturizers to lotions for it to work. Skin treatment can also differ depending on which brand you use. All of this can result in a very confused consumer with no idea where to start.

When it comes to skin care, you don’t need a legion of products for it to work. People with the healthiest skin only require two to three skincare products, and these are moisturizers, cleansers, and sunscreen. Products from companies like Harmony and Wellness can actually be two of these products. Their sunscreen can be a moisturizer and a sunscreen all in one. This makes your skincare products reduced to only two. On top of this, such products are less likely to irritate your skin because it doesn’t use any known irritants that may cause particular allergies from people.

There are some additions to skincare products, especially if you’re the kind of person who likes to use heavy makeup on their face. This might call in for you to get some make-up remover. However, this depends primarily on your lifestyle and what you apply and encounter on your skin on a day-to-day basis.

Develop a Routine

Once you keep your product line simple, it’s so much easier for you to develop a routine. The application should be a cleanser, moisturizer, and then sunscreen. That’s it! It’s not that hard to remember, and you can do it before you go to work and before you go to sleep. It’s a simple process that only takes five minutes to do. If you have other skincare products, you usually apply them right before your moisturizer and never after your sunscreen. Furthermore, if you have a make-up remover, make sure you use that first before anything else. Some make-up removers come with a cleanser so that you can apply your moisturizer right after it. When you keep things simple, you won’t need an hour in the bathroom. If you live an active life, we suggest that you use skincare products that are easily absorbed by your skin, so you wouldn’t sweat so much when you’re on the move.

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Hydration plays a big role in skin care. Remember that most of the human body is made of water, and the largest organ of your body (your skin) technically depends on it to keep it well. The moment you stop hydrating is the moment is you start having dry and aging skin. To know if your consuming enough water for your skin, inspect it under natural light. Well-hydrated skin will give off a perceptible shine, while dry skin will look rough and dull under the light. If you want to know the average intake of water of a healthy adult, it’s between two and three liters of water each day. You don’t have to be very strict about this. Being near or around that mark should be good enough.

Consistent Texture

If you’re worrying if your skin is healthy or not, a consistent texture should tell you that you’re providing it the necessary nutrients it needs every day. You don’t have to worry if your skin is not as smooth or soft as a baby’s bottom. As you grow older, the texture of your skin becomes so much harder to maintain, and you’re no longer going to have the same soft and smooth skin you had before. However, aiming for a consistent texture that isn’t too dry should be your main goal. This is your determining factor to know if your skin is healthy at your age.

These are the essentials when it comes to skin care. It’s simple and easy to remember. You can also develop a routine out of them without worrying too much. Just don’t forget to moisturize and your sunscreen. If you want to have the best skin in the world, don’t ever, ever forget about those two things.

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