Understanding the Toner and Its Role in Your Skincare Routine

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Drug store toners were frowned upon by teenagers, healthcare professionals, and beauty magazines alike back in the ‘90s because, admit it or not, toners sting and they are painful. Putting toner in your cotton balls and rubbing it in your face is supposed to be a relaxing task, but a dreadful one.

But, over the years, skin care and its ingredients have improved which also has paved the way for the evolution of toners. In fact, it has evolved so much Kedma Skincare’s toning cleanser even contains natural Dead Sea minerals that are very useful in keeping your skin hydrated and supple.

While the quality of toners has improved, not everyone kept up with the importance of including one in their daily skin regimen. Understanding what toners are can help you realize its importance and why it is a must in your daily skincare routine.

What is a toner?

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The quality of toners might have evolved over time, but their goal still remains the same. To simply put it, toners are responsible for removing dirt that has remained even after cleansing. This is the reason toners are ideally put after washing your face with facial wash and water.

However, because of this goal, a lot of toners in the past (and also in the present) have alcohol in it. Alcohol can effectively remove remaining dirt, but the downside is it is too strong for the skin that it dries it up.

This is the reason there is a stinging feeling whenever your toner filled cotton balls touch a part of your skin that has acne. Because it is drying, instead of keeping your skin healthy, using toner has an opposite effect.

But, skin care specialists have luckily seen this trend turned to the use of natural ingredients which can help cleanse the skin without drying it. Minerals from the Dead Sea are one of the most effective ingredients in removing dead skin cells without the effects of dryness.

But, like other skin care products, there are a lot of varieties to choose from, and it can be overwhelming especially for first-time users.

How do you choose the right toner for you?

The key to finding the right toner is knowing your skin type. Different skin types call for different toner types. If your skin is dry, you would naturally need a toner that not only removes dirt but also moisturizes your skin.

If you are leaning more on the oily skin type, choosing one which also cleanses, but also minimizes the size and appearance of your pores would be beneficial. Also, like choosing other skin care products, going for one with natural ingredients is recommended.

The fewer chemicals you put on your skin, the easier it would be for your skin to benefit from the products that you are using. Kedma Skincare offers a natural range of skin care products you can choose from and enjoy.

Your toner might just be a step in your daily skincare regimen, but it plays a very important role in your skin’s overall health, so do not skip it and choose wisely.

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