Bedroom Beauty: The Perfect Shade of Colours on Your Walls

children's bedroom

When we were younger, one of the most exciting activities we can do is decorating our bedrooms. It’s a great source of enjoyment and the best way to express our creativity, whether it’s putting up posters of our favourite movies on the wall or arranging our favourite books neatly on the shelves.

Our childhood bedrooms are reflections of our inner selves that we express through our chosen colours and themes. However, as we’ve gotten older, our priorities have changed. While we still prioritise how we want our rooms to make us feel when we’re in it, it’s no longer about bright and exciting colours.

As busy adults, we want a space that can help us feel calm and relaxed and allow us to forget about all the stressful things we have to deal with every day. To achieve this goal, your choice of paint colour plays an important role.

To help you make the right pick, here are the most popular choices for that soothing bedroom space that will allow you to say goodbye to stress and enjoy your personal haven:

Pale Blue

You’ve probably heard this many times before, but several studies and surveys have proven that shades of blue are the most suitable colours for promoting that soothing feeling. Blues are believed to be capable of slowing the heart rate and reducing blood pressure, making these the perfect choice of colours for places of relaxation.

So, what exactly is the right shade? Top interior designers suggest a pale blue that’s reminiscent of a clear sky when it’s bright and sunny outside. If you want to highlight the other features of your bedroom, a dusky blue is also an excellent choice.

If you have any white bedroom furniture you bought online or even white trim, you can set off those creamy tones by looking for a blue that’s a tiny bit darker than a pastel shade. To prevent your room from looking like a nursery, stay away from baby blue hues.

Soft Green

Because this colour contains both warm and cool elements, green is also another excellent option for your bedroom. If you have a neutral room, subtle hints of green are great hues. A much softer shade can also work wonderfully if you have a traditional bedroom.

Most old homes have crown mouldings and other features you’d want to show off, and this shade has the right amount of dark undertones while also being light enough to make you feel comfortable when it’s time to rest for the night. Mint green is also another choice you can consider.

It’s trendy and will make all other elements of your home décor look connected. Because green is the colour of the natural world, having it on your walls can bring you a sense of contentment and serenity.

Soft Grey

gray bedroom

Because it’s a neutral colour, grey has an extremely calming effect. It helps you get those zzz’s as you wrap yourself in a warm, fuzzy blanket. Also, it’s capable of highlighting the other features of your bedroom.

This is perfect if you’re looking for something that puts the emphasis on your wall décor instead of just your walls. Just be sure to keep it soft and subtle. Otherwise, you risk turning your space into something a tad too dramatic or depressing.

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