Better Sleep: A Simple Guide for a Good Night’s Sleep

woman having a good night sleep

Good (or even better) sleep feels elusive these days. This is especially true among young professionals who stay up late due to work. Insomniacs also find it hard to drift into sleep. You may even think that getting good sleep sounds impossible. If you come to think of it, there are sacrifices you need to make for you to get good sleep. These habits may feel difficult to develop at first, but if you keep your focus on your goal, you will then find it much easier to drift into a good slumber.

For starters, the quality of your sleep heavily depends on the rituals that you have during bedtime. If you have bad habits, you are likely not to fall asleep easily. If you are looking to change your habit, here are some of the important pointers that you ought to keep in mind:

Sleep Habit #1: Watch out your caffeine intake

Coffee may feel like your source of life during the day. It invigorates you, snaps you out of your nap tendencies, and it somehow helps you perform better. If you take too much coffee, there is a chance that the caffeine will stay long in your body. When the caffeine extends up to nighttime, you will likely find it hard to sleep. As much as possible, do not drink coffee late in the day. What you should drink before bedtime is a glass of milk. If you are lactose intolerant, you may consider a cup of calming tea.

Sleep Habit #2: Reduce “screen” time

You may have developed a specific reflex where you feel compelled to check out your phone or laptop before sleeping. When you are exposed to the screens of your mobile phone or laptop, you are also exposed to the blue light. Blue light is very much like daylight, which signals your brain that it is time to wake up. When that happens, you will surely find it hard to find sleep. So instead of checking your smartphone, go for much simpler activities, such as reading a novel.

Sleep Habit #3: Adjust bedroom configurations

cozy bedroom lit with a small lamp

Sometimes, the setting of your bedroom can heavily affect your chances of sleep. With that, you may want to change the configurations of your room. For one, you may want to make it darker at night. You can just dim the lights or sleep in total darkness. The temperature should be cool, but not too cold (it still depends on the season). You must change your sheets and get fresh linens. If you can, change your mattress. There are many providers of quality mattresses in Utah, so you don’t have an excuse.

Sleep Habit #4: Take a shower

Do not go directly to bed without even cleaning yourself. Sometimes, a warm or cool shower can condition your body, preparing you for bedtime. After all, who does not want to go to bed feeling fresh?

These are only some of the pointers to keep in mind if you want to get better sleep. Sweet dreams!


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