No Spin, No Gain: Why Your First Spin Class Might Hurt

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There’s great news if you’re attending a spin class. You do not need to know how to ride a bicycle to ride a stationary bike; it looks easy enough. After all, you have to sit on the seat while your legs move. You even have handles to grip to give you that extra push during the workout. However, if you are not familiar with how spin classes go or what you will feel after your first few sessions, it might discourage you from joining another.

Although an instructor guides you, being new might make you feel out of place and unprepared. Do not be too hard on yourself — everyone in that session was new to the stationary bike at some point. But if you want to be ahead and keep your fitness momentum going, here is what to expect during and after a spin class:

Adjusting The Bike

Before your instructor arrives, make sure you adjust your bike to your height. This is to avoid injuries that might occur during a session. One of the biggest concerns at a spin class is if you are experiencing any back pain.

For instance, if you have scoliosis, it is okay to go cycling. You need to align the seat and the handle according to your needs. Some non-surgical scoliosis treatment could also help you feel better during a class. Some websites offer specialized therapy courses, such as

To adjust your seat, search for a knob underneath it. If you are unsure how to use it, it would be best to ask for some help. Different bikes have varying ways to adjust their seat. Sometimes you can move both the handles and the seat, while other times, you can only move your seat.

The general rule is to bring your seat to the height of your hips. Another way is to sit and continuously adjust your seat until your legs are in a pedalling position. Your seat can move vertically as well as horizontally.

The distance between your seat and handlebars should be enough for you to bend your elbows during the session. Try out the seat again and place your arms on the handlebar. Ensure that your position is not strained; otherwise, it might cause injury. Your posture on the bike should be comfortable, not forced.

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Increasing Workout Momentum

The instructor usually starts with stretches on and off your bike. They will also reduce the chances of you getting injured during class when they are done properly. Pay attention to the placement of the trainer’s feet and arms during stretches and follow suit.

Next, the first goal of the instructor is to get your heartbeat up. There could be music playing, and it will help keep you pumped as you build up your resistance. A knob south of the handlebars controls how much effort you put in with every pedal. Your trainer will ask you to increase the resistance as the workout progresses. Conversely, they will instruct you to reduce it from time to time let your legs rest. You will find yourself pedalling a lot faster when this happens.

Now and then, the trainer will ask you to get up from your seat while pedalling. You might not be sure if you can do it, but give it a shot and join the class. It could be one of your favourite parts of the workout because halfway through, you might have realized that your rear is not used to the bicycle seat, and it is painful to sit down.

Difficulty in Sitting Down

You might experience some bruising and pain in your thighs and rear post-workout. It is normal, especially if you do not ride a bike regularly. Nevertheless, it would be best if you still kept attending spin classes. Just give yourself some time to heal and get back on the bike. This will get your body used to cycling while giving you cardio to burn those calories.

If it is difficult to sit down, a pillow might help ease the pain. It will take a day or two to heal, after which you will be fine again. As they say, “no pain, no gain.”

Taking that spin class may hurt at first, but it can enhance your health and even save your life. Indoor cycling not only burns calories but can also work a lot of your muscles while improving your cardiovascular health. You will be a better, fitter, and stronger person after a number of sessions, mentally and physically.

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