Wandering in South America: Four Places to Visit in Peru

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Peru is often synonymous to the Incan Empire, one of the most powerful and remarkable civilizations of the ancient time. But there is more to it than the history it is associated with. It is a marvel that every visitor will behold. It is a country that will make you create a special place in your heart just for it. Other than the natural wonders and historical spots, Peru boasts of its warm people who openly welcome visitors from all over the globe.

It may be your first time to visit Peru—or maybe it is your second or third; you will just have to see more of this country. Regardless, you need to have a direction when you plan to visit this one marvel of a country, knowing that it has an overwhelming number of attractions and you only just have limited time. If you are already planning your itinerary, you might want to use this guide to make yours truly packed and exciting.

The City of Lima

tourist interacting with the localsWhy not start with the country’s capital—Lima? The city of Lima is the country’s largest. And it is not just about tall buildings and hypermodern metropolis. The tradition and culture is seamlessly blended among the towering buildings and structures. Some of its most interesting attractions include old churches, palaces, and old universities. But if you want to explore some seasides and have nautical adventures, there are beaches around the city, which include Costa Verde, La Punta, and Playa Barranco.

Cusco Region

Maybe you are planning a sojourn in Machu Picchu or having a Salkantay Trek. Whatever adventure you have in mind, you will surely be staying in the Cusco Region, which also has a lot of beautiful spots to offer. Take the city of Cusco, for example. This city has been the capital of the Inca Empire, so it should not be curious that there are a lot of historic destinations here. If you want to see more of the Spanish influence, just head over to Plaza de Armas, which is surrounded by architectural wonders. The white salt ponds of Maras is also an interesting place to visit.

The Nazca Desert

One should not miss the Nazca Desert, which has the Nazca lines. These eerily stunning lines can be appreciated when you are airborne. You can see the patterns and figures, which will make you wonder how they were made. If you cannot view it from the sky, you can just stop over at one of the highest peaks of the Pan-American Highway.

The City of Arequipa

Lima and Cusco may be great cities, but if you are looking for someplace subdued yet overwhelmingly breathtaking, Arequipa is the place to be. It places itself between the urbanity of Lima and the historicity of Cusco. You can visit the Santa Catalina Monastery and Historical Centre of Arequipa. For nature lovers, Colca Canyon is here.

Visiting Peru requires you to have lots of days if you want to explore much of the country’s most beautiful places. If it’s not possible, you can always go back! But if you want to maximize your stay, you should have a lean or streamlined itinerary. You also have to prepare your visa; it is important to note that there are certain restrictions when it comes to the number of days of your stay.

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