Unforgettable Night: 4 Elements That Make for an Awesome House Party

As much as they look effortless, the most awesome house parties don’t just happen. For an event to be unforgettable, you have to make it unforgettable. The key is having the right mix of the right elements. Here’s what your party should have to make sure it would be one for the books:

Good food

Let’s get this out there: people go to parties to fill their stomachs, and fill it with not just any food, but good food. Your party will easily be remembered for the right (and wrong) reasons with what you’ll serve. So, throw in the essentials: chips (lots of chips), potato salad bites, cheese truffles, chicken fries, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks. Of course, don’t forget the king of essentials: pizza. Order pizza from a boutique restaurant in Singapore so that you can make sure of impeccable taste and flavour. You should be able to provide plenty of drinks, too. Stock up your bar with the obligatory triad of party alcohol: beer, whiskey, and vodka. To accommodate friends who don’t drink alcohol, offer lemonades, juices, and sodas.

‘Sick’ music

You can’t have a cool party without the cool beats. Scour your social circles and see if you can hit up someone who can take care of your music. If there’s none, then you may have to pull this off yourself. Don’t worry; there are lots of music streaming apps, which feature house party playlists — a few clicks and taps on your phone and you have songs lined up already. Of course, aside from the music, make sure that the tech you’ll be using in blasting your cool playlists is on point too.

Use your home’s entertainment system. If that’s not possible, go for a boom box of a portable Bluetooth speaker. Even before the people start coming, play the music already to hype up the atmosphere.

Right invite

Who you choose to invite will make or break your party. Get the killjoys and your friends’ nights are ruined. But if you mix the best conversationalists and the best listeners, you and your guests will have a great time. Or, if you invite your new work colleague who you think would hit it off with your high school friend, then your party may just be the ‘bridge’ your loveless friends need. So, consider your friends’ personalities and lifestyle preferences when finalising your guest list and inviting. And do pay attention to your actual invite. Ditch the cards and the letters. Create an event on social media or send fancy, creative e-invites. Use technology to spread the word out.

Fun games

Young group of friends playing card games
The food and music will guarantee to bring people together, but games can very well help too. You don’t have to be too formal about your activities. Beer pong stations will do. Board games and cards in different corners of your house are good. ‘Never Have I Ever’ apps can surely break the ice. Be creative in your games to let your friends know your other friends. Everybody is happy!

The Best Party Ever

Again, the best parties ever don’t just happen. You make it happen. So, have these elements in your next event, and you’ll surely create a night that will never be forgotten.

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