Travel Checklist for Young People: Fun, Food, and Fashion

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When it comes to travel, young people definitely have their priorities. And while fun is definitely at the top of the list, food and fashion are a close second! What’s fun to do there? Is it a food trip? What should I wear? Yes, this article will cover those and more. So read on.

Where to Go or How to Choose Your Destination

Your first question will surely be, is it fun? Yes, you must indeed check that out. Fun would depend on your interests. What would be great for others might be boring for you. So, find out if the best spots in the locality excite you.

In addition, is it safe for solo travelers? For first-timers, it is best to go with a group. Also, that would be more fun.

You can check out websites like Lonely Planet. They classify destinations according to different interests.

You must also check out what time of year it’s best to go there. Make sure the weather fits your planned activities. For instance, you wouldn’t want to go skiing in the summer. That would be a disaster!

Finally, check the health status of the area. Go only where it’s safe. You’ll also have fewer restrictions when you get there.

Where to Stay

Once you’ve decided on your destination, it’s best to book your flights and your local accommodation in advance. This will ensure that you have a place reserved and won’t get stressed at the last minute. That will be a spoiler.

Before deciding on accommodations, check as many reviews as you can. It has to be secure and accessible to transportation. You must be comfortable with the clientele. There must be enough photos online so you know what to expect about its facilities. Oh, and it must have good WiFi, of course.

What to Wear

This would be a great time to break out your new clothes or buy new ones. But apart from that, you will need the following:

First, a good pair of shoes. They must be comfy because you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Pack for the weather at your destination. Bring an umbrella if it often rains there, but that’s cool if you’d rather walk in the rain. The highest SPF sunscreen is a must if you’re going on a beach trip.

Next would be clothes that can easily transition from day to night. You might want to go clubbing or bar-hopping after touring around during the day. Better yet, find out the dress code of popular clubs in the area, so you’re sure to get in.

Fashionable but functional backpack — This is a must. It has to be spacious enough to fit everything you need but not too bulky that it will be a hassle to carry around.

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Miscellaneous Items

Don’t forget your power bank, phone charger, and camera charger. You’ll need them when you’re taking lots of photos and videos. If you’re going to the beach or anywhere with water, make sure you have secure waterproof protection for your gadgets. Always ensure that your photos are backed up to the cloud to be safe.

Other things you might want to include are:

  • Face masks
  • Sanitizer
  • Tissues and wet wipes
  • Lip balm
  • Gum or mints
  • First Aid kit
  • Pain relievers

Food, Food, and Food!

If you love food, this should be one of your main priorities when choosing a travel destination. After all, what’s a trip without trying out the local cuisine? It’s one of the best parts about traveling.

When it comes to food, research is key. You wouldn’t want to end up at a tourist trap that serves subpar food, would you?

When in doubt, Google it. You can find food videos and blogs that will guide you on where to go and what to order. There will always be the most recommended restaurants on travel sites online. Read reviews. If a lot of people recommend it then it’s worth a try.

But don’t neglect the food places that the locals recommend. They know where the best and most authentic food is. Make sure to order the must-try dishes of the place. And don’t forget to document your food adventure by taking photos!

It’s also best to have snacks when you’re out touring. This will save you from getting hangry (angry because of hunger). Also, always have water.

If you’re not into trying new things, don’t worry, there are always McDonald’s or other fast-food chains around.

What to Shop For

Again, it would depend on your interests when it comes to shopping. But here are some things you might want to buy for yourself or gifts for people back home.

  • Clothes
  • Food (chocolates, coffee, tea, etc.)
  • Souvenirs ( keychains, magnets, postcards)
  • Handcrafted items

Get Packing!

So there you have it, a travel checklist for young people! This should help get you started on preparing for your trip. Now that you know what to prepare, all that’s left to do is book those tickets.

Just remember to bring your passport, ID, and other travel documents. Don’t forget to take lots of photos and videos to document your experience. Be safe and have the time of your life!

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