To the Middle East: Reasons Jordan is Worth Your Time

Jerash jordan the antique archeological site

The Middle East has a wealth of countries to visit and cultures to explore. The region’s charm lies in the fact that the old civilization warmly welcomes the future. And the new ways do not damage the old charms of the region. If you are already planning a trip to this side of the world, one country should be part of your bucket list: Jordan.

The country may be small, but it has incredible sights and sounds. It is big when it comes to cultural and artistic offerings, which will surely make you swoon and fall in love with this nation. And when you still have time, you may choose to visit a few countries surrounding it. If you want to go on a full-on adventure, Egypt will be one of your best bets. For now, you may want to take your time enjoying the country. Here are some of the reasons Jordan makes for an interesting visit.

The Capital

If you want to learn about the country over your short visit, going to the capital should be in order. In this case, you may want to visit Jordan’s capital, Amman. Formerly known as Philadelphia, Amman boasts of cultural treasures that will surely give you a good time, especially if you are a culture vulture. The city has a lot of museums to visit. And if you are into parties and meeting new people, the city will not let you down. There are a lot of clubs and cafes that make the nightlife vibrant and exciting.

The Grub

Speaking of clubs and cafes, foodies and people who just love to explore cultures through its cuisine will surely have fun here. The dishes are heavily influenced by the countries surrounding them, meaning you will be able to get a taste of many worlds. Kababs may be your safe choices, but there is a wide range of dishes to choose from. One of them is mensaf, a popular lamb dish among Jordanians. What makes it different is it is served with yoghurt and rice.

The Sights and Sceneries

Two bedouin camels rests near the treasury Al Khazneh carved into the rock at Petra, Jordan

If you want to dedicate one day to sightseeing, extend your stay; make it two or so. This is because Jordan has many points of interest that one day is not enough to visit them. For starters, you may want to visit Petra. Petra is an archaeological site and is often considered as one of the wonders of the world. What makes it fascinating is the fact that the city is carved into the red cliff. Other popular destinations include Shobak and the Mujib Reserve.

The Opportunity for Solace

Jordan offers you a lot of chances to contemplate and think about your life. Its calm demeanor and friendly people will make it easy for you. This is what many people go on LDS trips in Jordan to experience peace of mind.

Visiting Jordan should be part of your bucket list, especially if you are out to explore the world and view it through different lenses. The country may be small, but it has a big heart, and it will never run out of things to make you go “WOW!”

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