How to Throw the Best Bachelor’s Party for Your Best Friend

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Bachelor parties are a rite of passage for all young men. It’s their last night as an unmarried man, so it has to be memorable. But with so many options for activities, how do you know what to plan for your best friend? Do you go big and plan a wild night on the town? Or do you keep things low-key with some of their closest friends?

As the best man, here are ten ideas that will make any bachelor party perfect!

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Idea #1: Hit the Strip Club

The only thing better than a bachelor party for some guys is a female revue. If you think your best friend is looking for a night of hot women and even hotter entertainment, then a strip club should be at the top of your list. Some gentlemen’s clubs offer dinner packages with private rooms and bottle service. Others have free limos and even hotel deals.

Idea #2: Outdoor Activities

Sometimes the weather is just too lovely to spend your time indoors. If you want your best buddy to have a bachelor party that everyone will love, plan a day of outdoor activities followed by a fun evening out. Go kayaking, rafting, or sailing. Have a cookout and end the night watching an outdoor movie on a big screen.

Idea #3: A Night of Nerdy Fun

When you think about bachelor parties, it’s easy to get stuck in the gutter. But there’s nothing men like better than indulging in a little nerdy fun! A local arcade or a Laser Tag center is the perfect way to have some non-stop action. And don’t forget about board games and sports on TV. If your best friend is a fan of superhero movies, consider renting out a theater.

Idea #4: Casino Night

There’s no better bachelor party for some guys than a night of gambling and cards at the casino. Deal out some high-stakes poker or blackjack, then order delicious appetizers and drinks. For the perfect evening, go on a weekday when there’s less of a crowd, so everyone has a chance to win big!

Idea #5: A Night of Luxury

There’s nothing more luxurious than drinking champagne and sharing wild stories as you cruise down the coast. Getting a Bucks party cruise boat for your best friend’s bachelor’s party can be an excellent way to spend an evening with friends. Most boats offer open bars, delicious food, and even fireworks. So, if the groom prefers an intimate setting over the hustle and bustle of the nightlife scene, consider a cruise.

Idea #6: Karaoke Night

The only thing better than singing along to your favorite karaoke tunes is doing it with a few hundred of your closest friends. Give the groom a chance to belt out his best hit while you relax with a few cocktails. It doesn’t get much more casual than this! Of course, if you want to throw a surprise bachelor party, then karaoke night is the perfect cover.

Idea #7: Trip to the Sideshow

What guy doesn’t like getting up close and personal with some of the weirdest and most beautiful creatures on earth? If you’re looking to give your best friend the time of his life, consider a trip to the circus. Most venues even offer private performances and VIP seating for special occasions like a bachelor party.

Idea #8: Cooking Class

Is your best friend a foodie at heart? If you want to give him the time of his life, consider signing up for a cooking class together. Most venues offer private lessons, so you can be sure there’s no chance for distractions. Of course, how perfect is this idea if the soon-to-be groom has a passion for cooking?

Idea #9: Sports Game

Did your best friend just get hired to coach his favorite team? Is he an avid sports fan who cheers for his favorite player? If he loves watching Friday Night Football, consider getting tickets to a game. Some professional sports venues offer extraordinary experiences like playing on the field or getting an exclusive tour of the locker rooms!

Idea #10: Get Social

If your best friend loves social media, why not have a night out with some of his favorite Instagram stars? Hiring a few models for the night can put your whole crew in the spotlight. It’s perfect for men who want to celebrate their bachelor’s party with some social media magic.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to celebrate your best friend’s bachelor’s party. It just depends on what he wants! No matter what you choose, make sure to let everyone know in advance, so there are no awkward moments about forgetting to invite someone or not being able to get a plus one. And of course, it’s always a good idea to plan for things to go wrong, so you have a backup plan in case one of the boys gets a little too out of control.

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