Things to Know When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

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With a lot of wedding venues today, you can make your big day extraordinary. And thinking of when you’d like to get married is one of the critical aspects to consider. You should choose a date that works for everyone.

This guide will talk about the important things to look for when planning an outdoor wedding.

When is the Best Time to Make Your Outdoor Wedding Day Happen?

In Wichita, Kansas, for example, the ideal months to have an outdoor wedding are April, May, and the first half of June. During these periods, the weather is naturally beautiful and comfortable.

What are the Typical Wedding Trends?

There are three common wedding trends, such as the following:

  • Semi-formal wedding
  • Black-tie wedding
  • Casual wedding

Almost 64 percent of Kansas couples opt to have a semi-formal type of wedding and incorporate traditions and customs.

Things to Check when Planning an Outdoor wedding

Make it Legal

The process of acquiring a marriage permit depends on the country where you will request for the license. You must be at least 18 years old to request one. To fully understand the office’s procedure, it’s better if you consult the Clerk of the District Court’s office.

Take note that the waiting period is three days and you need to visit the office twice — the first is during the application and the second is when you’ll get the license. The worksheet that was provided to you during your first must be submitted both signed by you and your partner before you can have the marriage license. The marriage license is valid in all areas within your city, and the permit is active up to six months from the date of issuance.

Who Can Perform Your Wedding Ceremony?

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The following people are allowed to officiate your marriage:

  • Judge of a court of record
  • Municipality judge
  • A retired judge or a justice of a court of record
  • Any ordained clergyman of any religious group
  • Licentiate of a denominational body

What to Wear During the Wedding and Reception

If you prefer a serene setting surrounded by grasses, it’s recommended not to use stilettos or kitten heels. Better yet, choose wedges or flats to be safe. Regarding the dress to wear, choose the one that is shorter and lighter so that you will feel comfortable in a warmer area. Always remember that comfort makes a difference.

Your Hairstyle

Because the outdoor wedding is an open-air setting, you can’t control the wind and humidity. Consult your stylist to have a weather-proof style. This will ensure that you will still look pleasing despite the weather.

Your Wedding Venue and Reception

There’s an extensive range of affordable wedding venues in Wichita, Kansas and other locations that will surely excite you. The most convenient thing to do to save time, money, and effort is to browse websites of wedding venue providers. Make a shortlist of those spots that you like the most before you visit them personally.

Aim to have the most memorable wedding day. Consider the tips mentioned above and you will surely have a successful wedding celebration with your partner, family, friends, and guests.

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