The Super Luxurious Singapore Trip We All Want to Take


So, we don’t exactly have millions of dollars in our bank accounts to travel through Singapore like an A-list Hollywood celebrity. But who said we couldn’t try to stay in a luxury hotel and eat in street food carts? There’s nothing wrong with walking along Orchard Road and buying one tiny luxury bag, right? There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to luxurious trips, and Singapore has everything we could ever possibly want.

The city-state is smaller in size than New York, but it packs quite a punch. As one of the most prosperous (if not the most prosperous) countries in Asia, this tiny and lavish country has a rich culture and heritage. It also has some of the best travel activities for budget and luxury travelers. Here’s what you can do in Singapore when you have loads of cash:

Drive Around the City in a Luxury Car

You can go around Singapore’s main thoroughfares in a day. But although the country has a pretty impressive public transport system, why not go up another level and drive a luxury car? Or, get driven by a limousine service? You can rent a Ferrari or Lamborghini for S$1,500 per hour. It’s the ultimate driving experience. But if the price is too steep for you, how about get chauffeured by a limousine for a fraction of that price per hour?

Stay in a Presidential Suite

The five best luxury hotels in Singapore are the Mandarin Oriental Singapore, Rasa Shangri-La Sentosa, Fairmont Singapore, The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore, and the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. The presidential suite can cost up to S$10,000 per night, but if that’s a bit too much, you can experience a bit of the luxury by renting a regular room for about S$400 to S$700 a night.

Eat in Michelin-starred Restaurants

So far, there are over 44 Michelin-starred restaurants in Singapore. One of the best is the Waku Ghin Japanese-European restaurant at the Marina Bay Sands. It sits only 25 people at a time, and you need to reserve a spot months in advance. Make sure to call ahead if you have plans to dine in this restaurant because it is not often that you can catch a slot. There are other well-known restaurants in Singapore, too, such as Saint Pierre, Shisen Hanten, Les Amis, and Odette.

The best thing about visiting Singapore is you don’t have to spend S$500 per meal for a nice one. Sure, hawker centers are not what you imagined in terms of luxury, but there are also plenty of five-star non-Michelin-star restaurants in Singapore that won’t break the bank. The thrill of luxury travel is finding options to get you the same experience minus the call from your credit card company.

Go Shopping


Can one visit Singapore without stopping by Orchard Road? It is home to some 22 malls, most have underground walkways to connect them. Singaporeans and their visitors are obsessed with shopping and Orchard Road is the place to be. It carries the most luxurious brands and some homegrown local brands, too. Local designers in Singapore can give luxury brands a run for their money. And the best thing about them is that if you’re planning to stay for a bit in the country, they carry lightweight clothes perfect for Singapore heat.

Lounge Around in a Spa

The spas and salons in Singapore are absolutely divine. They will make you feel like royalty. The So Spa at the Sofitel on Sentosa Island is probably the most luxurious of them all. You can choose from their rejuvenating and health-inspired treatments. You can lounge around in their waterfall pools and even get a body massage and mask afterward. The options in Singapore are unlimited when it comes to spas, saunas, and salons. Many of these catered to A-list celebrities and personalities.

Rent a Speedboat

Hiring a private speedboat takes the cake on one of the most luxurious things you can do in Singapore. Most speedboat rental companies will charge around S$3000 for a two-hour ride with 12 passengers on board. If you can split the cost among 12 people, then it wouldn’t be that bad. Shouldering the whole cast is another story, though.

Once in your life, you can go on a trip that you will regret and get excited about at the same time. It’s a different kind of adventure to go on a luxurious trip around one of the most luxurious cities in the world. You’ll see Singapore (and other cities, too) in a different light.

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