The Future of Dating: What Experts Predict It Will Be Like

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How people live changed, especially after the pandemic came. As the virus went from border to border, more people went online to entertain themselves, work, find the things they needed, interact with loved ones virtually, and even search for potential mates. This goes to show just how big of an impact technology has on our lives in the middle of the crisis.

Dating, in particular, became tricky. Going on blind dates or even hitting random strangers you find interesting is nowhere as easy during the crisis. With the threat of the pandemic lurking in every corner, more people are taking extra precautions.

But since the pandemic paved the way for social distancing and isolation, we craved that feeling of love and belonging. Singles who live solo feel more lonely and alone. This made more of them turn to tech as a way of finding matches they could have fun with.

Others also found true love with the help of local matchmakers, dating apps, and dating sites. They like the convenience dating technologies have to offer. But what other dating trends can we expect to thrive now that 2022 is here?

Personal Boundaries Will Be Part of Normal Conversations

Before, it was unclear as to what singles have in terms of their personal boundaries. For most singles, they don’t exactly tell what they prefer in terms of consent and expectations. But these days, people are more transparent and are willing to set their expectations on the table, even on the first few dates.

Members of dating apps and sites are not afraid to use their bios to set clear expectations on possible matches. This includes the wearing of masks, their hygiene preferences, even up to their physical or sexual expectations. They want to set personal boundaries early on to let their matches know what they are looking for and want to get out of dating.

Dating on Vacation

The pandemic may have kept most people practicing social distancing. But this did not stop the singles on the dating game from proposing that they and their matches go on vacations. Since we only get to live once, people are using this excuse to use traveling as a way of getting to know their dates better.

Traveling can bring out the best or worst in a couple. A variety of scenarios can occur when traveling, which makes it a great way to get to know their partners better. This also enables new couples to share memorable moments they would eventually want to experience along the road.

Vaccine Status as a Major Dating Factor

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Most people are pro-vaccine and have already received their booster shots against the virus. However, there are still people who don’t believe in vaccines. For some people, they seriously consider other single’s vaccine status when choosing potential dates.

Many people think being pro-COVID-19 shots is a desirable trait. They want to learn early on how their potential date tackles discussions such as health. This is an attempt to make sure they are on the same page in the middle of the crisis.

No Problem Being Single

Many people went on isolating themselves on their own. This made them realize that they can live healthily and happily without relying on someone to make them happy. While some are still open to the possibility of dating, many others would be okay without being in a relationship.

More people are choosing to go solo living. They want to be more mindful by focusing on their own self first before opening up to others. This gives them more time to choose how they wish to spend the rest of their lives, how they date, and when.

Exploratory Dating

Before the crisis, most people have their own date preferences. They know what their type is, who they are more likely to be dating, and what their ideal date activities are. But these days, more people are rethinking their preferences by exploring other options.

For one, this is evident with the growing number of multi-racial couples. One no longer focus on their date’s race, which results in the increasing number of couples belonging to different races, religion, and other factors. Many are also opening their minds to dating someone who has different likes and interests to be more adventurous.

This short list shows just how dating has changed over the years. Singles no longer rely on old traditions to look for dates, plan their dates, and get to know their matches. We can only expect these dating trends to last even when the pandemic is over.

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