Summer Styling: How to Take Your Look from Day to Night

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Summer is in full swing, and with the rest of the world starting to reopen, days will be filled with activities beyond the four corners of our home.

The long-awaited sunshine and break from quarantine have led people to squeeze in as many activities as they can in a day, from brunch with friends, to long afternoons running errands or catching up on shopping and dining, to lovely dinners with family.

Whether you’re staying local or got hold of a lovely beach-front apartment for rent to spend the summer, you’d need a wardrobe that could easily turn from day to night. Summer is all about going casual and keeping cool, but with a bit of styling, you can create versatile looks that can be good for any occasion, from dates to formal dinners, from a shopping to work getup.

So without further ado, here are the best fashion tips and sample looks worthy of a summer of freedom and renewed hope.

Restyle your favorites

Putting together new looks doesn’t mean you need to update your wardrobe. Instead of shopping for new looks, rummage through your closet and assemble your favorite looks from last season. If you don’t like repeating looks, create fresh ensembles and mix them with the trendiest accessories.

Have spare clothes & accessories ready

But what about those days when your day doesn’t always go as planned?

For days like this, it’s good to have a tote bag with you containing spare shoes, tops, and makeup, so you’re always prepared for “out-of-the-blue” plans. For example, if you’re wearing a casual white shirt left loose and open, you can easily switch this up into an evening look by buttoning up and tucking it to your bottoms.

Got called for an unexpected meeting? Pull out an oversized blazer, pop the collar, roll up the sleeves and don your hottest red lipstick. And voila, you’ve got a refreshed look that nobody would be able to tell you’ve already been out somewhere else.

Monochrome is your best friend

If you’re looking for pieces that can be great all-day looks, monochrome is your best bet. It’s so versatile that it will look great in the morning, afternoon, all the way to the wee hours of the night. This year, fashionistas are keeping it mellow and tonal with their monochrome looks. So you can set aside the Ferrari red, mustard yellow, and cerulean blue to blush, beige, and the mellowest yellow you can find.

If you find going full-on monochrome too daunting, you can spice things up by wearing two different shades, like a darker lavender bottom and a softer lilac top. You can also break up the monotony using your best designer sunglasses, contrasting jewelry, a printed scarf, or plain old white tennis shoes.

Layer your jewelry

Summer is all about keeping things light and laid-back. But this could easily result in one-dimensional looks. Matching the right pieces of jewelry can easily turn your outfit from blah to glam. Layering them is even better as it can bring depth and make your casual look a little bit edgier.

You can mix metals, stack your rings and earrings, layer necklaces with varying lengths, and sport an anklet to draw attention to your fresh nails. In other words, stack and layer to your heart’s content and in whichever way you love, and it will make a huge difference to your summer style.

‘Tis the season for flowy dresses

Flowy dresses of any length are a summer fashion staple, but they’re not just reserved for trips to the beach or casual garden parties. A few layering tricks can turn your summery dress into a sophisticated and “planned” look. A proven trick is to throw on a big belt over your waist to cinch your dress.

If you’ve unexpectedly been invited to a party or an intimate catch-up, throw in a jacket or blazer to subdue the carefree look and make your getup more appropriate for a restaurant or occasion. To freshen up your vibe, don’t be afraid to wear that bold red lipstick you’ve been tucking away in your makeup bag. Then switch up your bangles with charm or tennis ones, and ditch the hoop earrings for subtle studs or dangles.

Whether you plan to jet off to a beach getaway or want to be out and about this summer, these easy but stylish looks will surely make you feel glamorous and outgoing. And, of course, don’t forget to pamper your skin and protect it from the harsh rays of the sun.

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