Strategies for Building the DIY Vanity of Your Dreams

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Have you ever watched beauty vloggers and wished you had their beauty space or their bedroom or bathroom vanity? At some point, you must have thought it was impossible to have the same aesthetically-pleasing beauty space where you can do your makeup and skincare routine, while at the same time being an excellent place to store and organize all your products.

The good news is building the vanity or beauty space of your dreams need not break the bank. Whatever your budget, there are ways for you to achieve the same look without spending too much or buying the same furniture or unit. Here are some tips and tricks for building a vanity or beauty space that makes you look and feel good.

Refurbish an old vanity or drawer.

Don’t be too quick to throw away old wood vanities, drawers, and other family furniture. With some paint and lacquer thinner, you can turn an old, worn-out unit into a gorgeous piece of antique. Here are some tips for identifying which vanity or drawer is worth saving:

  • Go for pieces that are not yet painted. When a previous owner paints over a piece of antique furniture, it may be because they tried to hide stains or signs of wear.
  • Check if the construction is of high quality. Double-check if it was made before the 1960s—furniture from that era are excellent vintage pieces that can serve you for a long time.
  • Imagine what the unit will look like after you’re done refurbishing it. If it’s the look you’re going for and if it goes well with the room where the vanity will be placed, then go for it.

Keep a weather eye on the old furniture in your home or even your neighborhood garage sales. Buying new is not always the answer. Refurbishing old furniture is not only good for the planet; it can also give a certain charm and meaning to your vanity, especially if it’s been passed down from generations.

Declutter your space.

The easiest and simplest way to improve a space in every way is by giving it a minimalist upgrade. Research has confirmed a positive correlation between minimalism and personal well-being. Moreover, less clutter looks better no matter what design or look you go for. Before you even build your vanity, dispose of products that have already expired, and those you never see yourself using. The products you have never opened can be donated to women’s shelters.

If you’re going for a minimalist look for your vanity, then make sure you have enough storage for your makeup, skin and hair care products, and other tools. Incorporate a shelving unit that can adequately hold everything you need for a complete look. The other products that don’t fit can go into the closet.

Mind where you place your vanity.

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Even an affordable house can look expensive with the right furniture placing. If there are awkward corners in your room, consider covering up the awkwardness by placing a corner vanity there. Another creative way to incorporate a vanity in your room is by creating a small dividing wall in your bedroom. That could be tricky, though; only consider doing this if your bedroom is big enough and if it makes sense for your room’s design. Otherwise, your bathroom or the space beside your bedroom will do—if your significant other doesn’t mind.

Use a common theme, color, or shape and stick with it.

You don’t want your beauty space to have competing design elements. Choose a common theme and stick with it. Decide on a color or shape that you wish to percolate in the room and decide on other design elements from there. Whatever the theme is, make sure it expresses your unique personality.

Some trends you can play with include:

  • Rose gold elements
  • A bright neon light
  • Neutral color palette
  • Plain white with design elements in neutral or soft tones
  • Wooden fixtures
  • Marble designs
  • Scandinavian style mirrors, drawers, and chairs

Make your design choices temporary enough that you can easily rearrange and mix and match when you find yourself getting tired of your space.

Use bright lights.

And lastly, use bright lights. A proper lighting system can make or break your bedroom or bathroom vanity. If you choose to go with refurbished furniture, consult with your handyman about installing lights into the unit. If the only thing you have is a table, there are budget options in the market for mirrors that come with lights.

Look Good and Feel Good

Having a vanity may seem like a luxury in times of upheaval, but if it’s something that could make you feel good, then it’s worth it. Take care of your inner being by taking care of your health, body, and appearance, too.

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