Special Suggestions for Your Baby Shower Party Preparation

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The announcements have been made, the gender reveal is done, and the final trimester is on its way. It’s around this time that most pregnant women announce a bash to celebrate the arrival of their baby. If you happen to be helping out one of these soon-to-be moms with an upcoming baby shower, then take these suggestions to heart. Perk up your party with these preparation suggestions:

Health Is Wealth

When you say “party,” it usually means serving the typical festive food fare. However, one of the two main stars of this celebration will need to watch what she eats because of her unborn child. Of course, you don’t have to go to the extreme and serve only salads and fruits. Contact a catering company that can provide you with fresh food and appetizingly prepared dishes via special delivery. As a bonus, ask your pregnant friend what her favorite dish is. If it won’t affect her adversely, have it served as part of the menu. Remember that healthy doesn’t always mean boring.

Drink Up

Yes, you read that right! But these drinks need not have one iota of alcohol in them to be fun and yummy. The sudden popularity of mock cocktails, aka mocktails, among teenagers has now gravitated toward pregnant women, and why wouldn’t they? These delicious drinks are non-alcoholic and fruit-based, and they are a healthy alternative to cocktail drinks. You might want to check recipes online and make some of these delicious drinks yourself. Another option is to ask your caterer how much it would cost to have these amazing mocktails served during the festivities.

Amazing Add-ons

There are a million and one ways to liven up any party, and the same can be said about a baby bash. Of course, expect a program, food, small talk, and other celebratory staples. However, if you want to make it truly memorable, perk it up with one or two unique twists. Hire a spa or masseuse services to offer beauty and relaxing treatments to your guests. Hold a bingo game complete with prizes. Ask guests to bring ingredients and recipes for a cooking contest. Your future mom can be one of the judges. The possibilities are endless.

Co-ed Celebration

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Baby bashes are traditionally attended by an all-female guest list. However, inviting daddies and male friends to one’s baby bash is now a popular choice. If you’re worried that this setup may affect the party’s activities, just inform the males of what to expect during the celebration. They can then easily bow out if it’s not their cup of tea, or have the option of becoming bystanders during some parts of the event. However, it’s required that they still enjoy themselves and have a good time with everyone.

Celebrating the coming of a new baby is always a festive occasion. These ideas are bound to make it even more memorable, fun, and exciting, so don’t hold back. After all, you won’t need to stick to just one of these suggestions. Mix and match these plans and see which one will work best for the future parents and their guests. As long as your schedules are managed well and everyone has a great time, then the sky is the limit.

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