Should You Wear Your Rings All the Time?


Got engaged or married recently? Congratulations! This means starting a new chapter of your life as a better half. It can be an exciting yet nerve-racking moment as you will begin to adjust from being single, then engaged, and eventually getting married to the person you love. But this milestone will not be complete without that flashy ring on your ring finger.

When choosing a ring, one must consider the material and design that will suit the recipient’s style and preference. There are also a lot of jewelry stores that offer custom rings for every client. Once you get to wear your ring, you might not want to remove it anymore.

A lot of people who do not want to remove their rings and prefer wearing them all the time. After all, it’s nice to be reminded of that special moment of being engaged or getting married by taking a glance at that ring on your finger. But if you want to keep your ring as shiny as when you wore it for the first time, you might consider taking it off once in a while.

When should you remove your ring?

Some people might not like the idea of removing their engagement or wedding rings. For one thing, they might be scared of losing this precious item at one point. However, you should not fear to lose your ring if you know where to place and secure it.

Your ring might suffer from scratches and discoloration the more you wear and expose it to the elements. That is why you might want to give your ring some rest every once in a while. So when should you take off your ring?

1. Before going to the gym

You should remove your ring, especially when you are about to use gym equipment. Jewelry pieces such as rings can be prone to scratching, especially when it comes to contact with hard objects such as weights and other gym equipment.

2. Before swimming

woman in the swimming pool

Swimming pools usually contain chlorine, which is not good for your ring. Likewise, salt water can also do damage to the ring material. Plus, you might risk losing your ring in the water in case it accidentally comes off.

3. Before putting on moisturizer or lotion

Lotion buildup can lessen the shine on your ring and make it less appealing than before. That is why experts suggest waiting for the cream or moisturizer to be absorbed by the skin first before putting back the ring.

4. When doing household chores

The chemicals in the dishwashing detergent and other commercial cleaners can potentially damage your ring and leave an unpleasant residue as well. You also don’t want your ring to fall off accidentally down the drain while washing the dishes, do you?

Some people do not see any harm in wearing their rings all the time. However, you will realize the damage after a few years. If you want to keep your precious rings bright, you should remove them from time to time.

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