Sequined Dress Care 101


Every material girl needs her own collection of party dresses for every occasion. Each event requires the perfect outfit! But it’s all fun and games until you have to wash that one sequined dress.

Many make mistakes in the process of cleaning their designer dresses. The first step to giving your luxury items the best care is to understand them. Take a look at your statement pieces and know the material, adornments, and how the embellishments were attached to the dress.

Of course, carefully reading garment care instructions is of utmost importance. But there are a few more steps to take to ensure that even your most intricate evening wear remains in its best shape.

Two Ways to Clean Your Dress

There are several ways to wash a dress after it has been used. Remember these two things: the first is never to leave your used dress uncleaned in storage. Secondly, read the brand’s given care instructions as some require dry clean only.

Professional Cleaning

The easiest and simplest way to make sure your sequined dress remains spotless is to take it to professional dry cleaning services. Leave it to experts who have ample knowledge and experience on how to handle a variety of luxury dresses. They will also have the means to remove stains that make their way onto your dress.

For dresses made from expensive material, such as silk, velvet, and leather, having them professionally cleaned may help maintain their natural shine. Professional cleaning can also prevent fabric damage caused by home washing.

Tip: Find a laundry service that can pick up and deliver your clothes to you. It’s safer and much more convenient.

Home Washing

While dry cleaning is the wisest option for delicate dresses, there are times when you can’t help the need to wash them at home. Again, check the tag’s instructions on your dress to see if it can accommodate methods other than dry cleaning. Only wash it on your own if the manufacturer has specified that alternatives are allowed.

A dress with beads and sequins should be hand washed to maintain its proper form and appearance. Machine washing risks loosening its adornments, which may end up damaging your washer. Should you decide to machine wash, keep the dress in a mesh bag and go for a gentle cycle with cold water.

Tip: Spot clean stains before washing. Dipping a cotton swab or cloth in a mixture of dishwashing soap and water then wiping the affected area usually does the trick. Pat it dry with a clean cloth afterward.

Don’t put your washed dress in the dryer because the glue on the designs could melt, or the beads may come off in the spinning process. Air dry instead, and if it is a cumbersome garment, lay it flat instead of hanging it.

washing machine

How to Store an Embellished Dress

The storage method is just as important as the cleaning process in maintaining an evening dress’s quality. Check the material and weight of your dress before deciding how to keep it.

Hang it.

If your dress is not too heavy and your closet can accommodate your dress’s length, feel free to hang it. This keeps it from getting wrinkled in storage. Use a wide, sturdy hanger to keep the dress’s shape even while it’s in the closet.

Be careful because sequins may get caught in other dresses and cause a snag. Keep your dresses safe by covering embellishments with tissue paper. This will prevent any accidental runs when you take your dresses out again.

Box or bag it.

If it’s too heavy or there’s simply no space for it anymore, you can opt to keep it in a box. Choose a cardboard box that is acid-free and line it with tissue paper to retain its color. On the other hand, sequined dresses should also be covered with tissue paper during every fold to prevent damage.

A cotton bag is also a good storage option because it is breathable and keeps molds and unpleasant odors from building up. Do not, however, store your dresses in plastic bags and bins because these encourage moisture and may cause discoloration.

Check on it regularly.

Take time to check on your dresses regularly. Look through them and check for any loose beads, sequins, or buttons, and have them repaired as needed. If you take out a dress to wear it, change the tissue paper before returning it to its storage.

Proper dress care, especially for luxury items, requires a good amount of time and attention. The more you put into it, the longer your dress can retain its stunning quality.

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