Car Restoration: How to Make Your Old Car Look New Again

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Your high school car is probably the first car you received in your life. Many memories came from this car, like your first driving mishap or your first date. Sometimes, cleaning and admiring it is not enough. You would want to see that car on the road again, or maybe take it out for a spin. It doesn’t matter how old your high school car is. As long as it still works, then you can still take it out for a ride.

Some things may have changed whenever you look at that car in your driveway. The beauty of your car may have faded, and some dents and scratches need attention. But a car revamp goes beyond appearance. You also have to tap into new features like Apple CarPlay to use your phone while staying focused on the road. All you need is to learn how to troubleshoot Apple CarPlay issues in case you encounter problems.

Here are some ways you can revamp your old car and keep it in top shape:

1. Repaint that old beauty

This is a process that you have to decide on whether you keep the same color as your high school car or not. Repainting it with the same color will make it look like how it used to. Choosing to change the paint color can be based on your mood, desire, or just a new color that will look good and groovy with your ride.

2. Cover those old scratches

There are times that you don’t need to do an entire paint job. Sometimes, you have to fill in some scratches made in the past. There are new paint pens available in the market that you can use to cover up the scratches. It will cost less than a new paint job.

3. Fix dents in your car

This can be a tough decision for those sentimental people out there. For some, a dent can be a good memory, but it might result from an unwanted tragedy for others. You can visit your local car restorer and have that dent fixed so that your car can look good again. This process will be beneficial for you in case you choose to sell your car. Otherwise, making your old car look better or new is the initial reason for the remodeling of your car.

4. Change your car seats

Some cars used to have that cloth car seat cover, which can take up a lot of smell over the years. Most car restoration projects use leather instead of any cloth seat cover or even vice versa. Seat covers should be easy to clean; otherwise, you will be stuck with a foul-smelling seat cover. The dashboard and the steering wheel can be installed with an airbag so that you will be protected in case of a car accident. Placing or buying a baby seat for your kids and installing it in your car is also an excellent way to remodel your car.

5. Assess the condition of your car

This is the most expensive part of revamping that your high school car. You have to check your car if it has rust. Too much rust in a car part will result in changing it rather than cleaning it. The usual spots you have to check are the hinges, car door, floor panels, and even underneath the car. Finding rust does not mean that you will spend more money on revamping your car. There are ways on how you can clean a rusted part if on a budget. You can use lemon juice and baking soda to remove the rust and then sand it off with steel wool or sandpaper.

6. Picture how you want your car to look like

Restoring your car to how it used to look means you have to look for the photo of your car and use it as a guide. Otherwise, you can use photo editing applications to create the car’s look that you now desire. There is nothing wrong with making your old car look brand new or making it look like how you first got it. Just remember that you are revamping it for its reliability and usage.

7. Check your cars axles, suspensions, and brakes

You want to have a working car, whether you will be using it, planning to give it to someone else, or selling it. These parts are essential because they will stop an accident from happening. The brakes should be tested. In case you have a classic car, check if it is a drum brake because this type of brake is outdated and ineffective for your car restoration. Changing your drum brake into a disc brake will make your car more efficient on the road. Your car’s axles and suspension should be checked and tested if still working or rusted. Rusted car suspension parts should be replaced because it usually loses its compression.

8. Check the fuel system

When revamping, the fuel system usually goes after checking and re-installing the bigger parts like the car body and minor details like the brakes, axles, and suspension. You can change your oil because the recent car engine oil emits lesser pollution and is more efficient in usage or miles. The old car engine oil is not as enhanced as the newer car fuel.

9. Choosing your wheels and tires

Choosing the right set of wheels and rims would depend on how you have chosen to restore your car. It is best to decide on a new set when the restoration is almost over. Tires should be replaced because smooth tires are more prone to accidents. Checking for holes in your tires and having them fixed by professionals can lessen the unwanted flat tire on the road, especially if your tires are still in good condition.

10. Troubleshooting

This is the part where you test drive your revamped car. Give it a run and be mindful of weird noises or odd smells in your car while driving. This will serve as your guide to check areas that are still not working properly. Drive your car around your neighborhood and see if you still need to change anything further. Otherwise, you can bring your car for the next road trip you plan on making. This is also helpful when you are planning to sell that car. Before you hand it over to the new owner, you are sure that he will be safe during the drive.

These things should be carefully assessed and planned. Revamping that car can be expensive if you do not have any plan at all. Create a list of things that you have to check before you start dismantling your vehicle. If doubtful, there are a lot of self-help videos online. Make sure you list everything that you will do with your car so that you won’t have any regrets when you begin revamping it.


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