Turning Small Spaces into Relaxing Sanctuaries with Clever Designs

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Even small spaces have high value, especially if you live in premier areas. With the insufficient wages today, it’s impossible to get all the space you need and still afford necessities. For some, living small and transforming tiny homes into comfortable areas is a choice, but it’s a critical part of the budget for others with tight financial belts. There’s no way you can have more space without invasive home construction. However, there are plenty of tricks that you can use to make it appear so.

Thanks to chic and unique interior styles, more people embrace minimalism and make it an outlet to channel their creativity. When you can fit everything you need all in a tiny space without making it look crowded, then you have the incredible skill to make things look better than they are. If you’re hesitating whether you should sign the lease on a single-bedroom condo or pocket-sized studio apartment, here are some interior tricks that can help you expand space using ingenious designs. Brush up on your creativity and start maximizing your living space.

Garden in Your Balcony

There are plenty of perks that come with living in a premium space. Although you won’t have enough areas for all your appliances and furniture, meaning you’d eventually have to resort to giving or throwing them away, at least you get to be close to commercial establishments. When you live in key areas in the metro, you’re only minutes away from public transportation, offices, and shops. But the scenery is often concrete jungles devoid of plant life.

Plants bring more to the plate than clean the air; they also make a space look more livable. You can’t have an expansive garden that’s in full bloom, but you can create a little natural sanctuary tucked in your balcony. With tiered shelves and hanging pots, you can grow plants and get a free air purifier.

Ceiling Hammock Bed

Living spaces are also scarce with tiny homes. You might have a separate bedroom, kitchen, and living room or need to have them all in one area with invisible dividers. More often than not, the problem is not about lack of space. That’s already a fact; after moving on from that actuality, you can roll up your sleeves and get to creating unique designs that will let you have more room for play, relaxation, and other activities.

One feature you can consider is a ceiling hammock bed. Unless you’re incredibly tall with the top of your head always brushing against your ceiling, you can make use of your available overhead space to install a hammock bed. This feature offers plenty of possibilities. For one, you can use it to nap or relax, read, and even store soft materials like stuffed toys.

Use Illusion for Dividers


Having personal space is essential, but solid cement or wood dividers only make rooms appear narrow. If you’re living alone, you can leave your studio flat as is and use other materials that exude the illusion of creating individual spaces.

For instance, by putting your bed atop a rug or having a carpet underneath your sala set, you define that area and make it so that you have separate rooms for different needs when in reality, you all have them in a single space. If you’re adamant about having a bedroom, you can consider a loft bedroom with only railings instead of a wall so that you can maintain the open and unrestricted feel of your home.

Smart Storage

Clutter only makes a home look even smaller. Often, a place is not small, only unkempt and bursting with unnecessary things. Before resorting to any invasive home construction, you might want to clean up your home first, since who knows? You probably only have too much stuff lying around.

Having excellent storage is also key to giving your home a clean and seamless look. For example, getting a bench that’s hollow on the inside will let you have a comfortable place to sit while keeping seasonal things like boots or even bedding out of sight.

Maximized Overhead Space

Even after using your overhead space for a loft bedroom and a hammock net, you still have plenty of room to spare that you can use for other functional things that also doubles as home decor. You can use your wall space for hanging open shelves and showcasing mementos and collections like books, photos, and trophies.

Positioning wires with huge in-between spaces will allow you to create an indoor garden because you can use this as support for plants with creeping vines, ultimately letting you achieve a biophilic home design.

The skyrocketing prices of homes in the market are far from humane. Having a roof over your head is a necessity, but what if all you can afford is a tiny living space? By being creative, you can make it work and help create an abode that you’re comfortable in and one that can also pass as a piece of art.

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