Real Estate: The ‘Real’ Income Generator

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Are you thinking of going into the real estate business to boost your income? Investing in real estate is better in many ways compared to stocks, mutual funds and bonds. According to finance experts, this is the best time to invest in real estate in Australia.

Good deals are there whether you are a buyer, owner or investor. Offers from reputable real estate companies in Western Suburbs of Melbourne is all over the web. However, the question always is, how can you generate income from real estate?

1. Rental

Many people prefer putting their money in rental properties because of the consistent income it yields from rental fees. Rental income is not complicated compared to other forms of businesses. If you have a property, may it be a house or an office, you can charge an individual in exchange for their stay or their usage in the said property. It’s that simple.

However, simple as may seem, you are still required to attend to some property issues like pipe bursts, renters that do illegal activities, companies going under and many more. There would be a lot of slow days, but be prepared to solve and attend to all problems your renters will experience.

Apart from rental income being straightforward, it can help you during economic collapses. Leasing or renting your property can give you a steady and safe stream of income. Your office property can give you above-average checks even in time of low average rental rates in your area because of the already-agreed rental price before the crisis.

2. Related Business Operations

Say, you have a commercial or office building. Besides earning from rentals, you can earn from other business operations like parking and vending machines. If you have a high-rise building, you can offer a part of your exterior for ad placement. If you have a house or a property that has a particular look, you can make it available for location managers to use as a set for TV shows or movies. The possibilities are endless, but this kind of business requires a different type of specialty. It may take time getting used to it, but mastering it can give you additional income.

3. Property Value Increase

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Have you heard a friend raving about how a certain property was offered X amount last year and had increased to Y amount this year? It can be a lot of things, but most of the time, it’s because of inflation. Inflation dictates how much every product should cost, and because of inflation, selling a property at a specific increase in rate is not always an advantage. It takes a lot of market experience to know when it’s good to buy, and it’s good to sell. Getting this knowledge may take time, but every savvy real estate investor gets there.

Getting into the real estate business is simple but not easy. Those are different things. You can buy a property, but it takes knowledge and experience to earn money from either leasing or selling it. However, mastering this would help you rise above. Nathan Birch did it, why can’t you?

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