Real Estate Options and the Sustainability of the Environment

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We are now living in a time when the effects of climate changed are on the path to becoming irreversible. According to climate scientists, the amount of pollutants and carbon dioxide that we pump back to the environment has reached catastrophic levels. We have been so consumed with the progress that we forget to remember that the environment sustains us.

We are warned that we will ultimately be the last generation that can slow down and do something about climate change. Due to the increase in human activities that leave inexplicable amounts of carbon footprint, we are becoming inefficient at sustaining ourselves. Every year, there are reports of an alarming decrease in crop yields and harvested fish in the oceans; Even with science trying to catch up on efficiency, and technology providing more productive methods to make the most out of little material, nature is correcting itself without human intervention.

Natural disasters abound every few months. Typhoons and hurricanes have been stronger the past few years compared to how strong they were when the metric to measure the hurricane strength was first used. Wildfires are becoming more common in temperate climates—citing the lack of humidity in the areas affected. The increasing temperature of the planet has contributed to the decline in the overall crop size and product size of the soil. It feels as if the Earth is fighting back. We all live in one globe. It is within our prerogative to clean up our act and preserve our species.

We only have one home for the foreseeable future. It is up to us to take care of it. Similar to how we should treat our environment, we should also seize the opportunity to find self-sustaining/sustainable real estate opportunities to do our part in lessening the carbon footprint we put back out.

What are the sustainable acts we can do about our real estate opportunities?

Using Environmentally Friendly Materials

Construction materials are mostly dug up raw materials and processed to become what it is. For example, clay bricks are mined out clay from the earth and dried up to become rectangular mini-foundations. However, modern architecture has occupied a large portion of the landmass through its concrete constructs. Every time it rains, water does not reach its intended target. This has become such a horrible problem for some coastal cities. The concrete jungle is causing Jakarta, Indonesia, to sink a few centimeters every few months. Using environmentally friendly materials to construct your house is a great way to lessen the excessive mining of clay and concrete. Recycled trash can now be turned into concrete bricks that serve the same purposes without costing so much. These bricks also prevent clogging of the water easements from concrete constructions.

Exploiting Your Gardening Space

gardeningWhen buying property, estate agents would always recommend the construction of a small garden to go along your mini yard. Exploiting the immediate lot beside your home as your own personal gardening space is a great way to prevent overconsumption and, by extension, overproduction and waste that plague the agricultural sector. The path to sustainability involves starting at your own home. Constructing a garden in a small patch of land where you can grow the most basic plants and vegetables is ideal for reaching that goal of sustainability. Even in real estate that has no space for a yard, you can plant hydroponically. Many advanced cities around the world are encouraging hydroponics as a method of planting more food for everyone. These implements also help cool down the city by adding more plants and other greens to the scenery.

Adding Solar Panel

It is predicted that it will take some decades (or even centuries) to finally convince governments around the world to move from fossil fuels to sustainable alternatives. However, as an individual, you have the chance to help in the fight against climate change. Solar panels nowadays are now more affordable than ever. A lot of construction depots even advertise it now to help encourage people to make the shift. Aside from the ease of installation, solar panels can serve as your primary source of electricity. Your back-up power will be the electricity that comes from the grid. Dependency on the grid line electricity can become far-fetched at times of disaster. Having yourself the option of a solar panel can save you the hassle when the appropriate time comes.

Finding the little opportunities to help save the planet can be difficult. However, it is our moral obligation to make saving the planet our number one priority.

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