Pack Pointers: Smarter and Lighter Luggage Packing

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When traveling, whether it’s’ for a vacation, a visit to a family/friend, or a business trip, packing up your luggage is always one of the biggest hurdles — and this isn’t just about picking the right clothes. As much as possible, you’d want to pack as little as possible while still being able to bring everything that you need (“need” being the operational word). After all, if you pack too much, you’ll end up with a heavy suitcase (or two) filled with items you wouldn’t be using, and if you “under-pack” you’ll end up having to buy or borrow clothes or other items you need for the trip. As such, we’ll be looking at tips to help you pack lighter and smarter.

It’s All In the Bag

Whether it’s for an overnight trip or a week-long vacation, it all starts and ends with the bag you’ll be bringing. First off, find a bag or suitcase with the right size and features. Try to set your mind into thinking that you’ll only be bringing one bag for the trip (two, if you’re bringing laptop/document bag, or your handbag). See if you have a well-maintained and functional (one that doesn’t have holes or broken zippers) bag that you think is comfortable enough for you to bring around and would have enough space to fit everything that you need.

Consider Laundry as An Option

“Overpacking” is a more common problem than “underpacking.” There’s the mindset that you may end up staying one or two days too long, or would have to change clothes after they get wet under the rain. This mentality of “better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it” often leads to extra bags and purchasing extra baggage allowance on flights. However, one way to help you solve this dilemma is by because you can take advantage of local laundry shops, your friend/family’s washing machine and dryer, or the hotel’s laundry service. And, if you have extra cash, you can always buy extra clothing.

Don’t Bring Towels

Towels are huge space-eaters, and it’s best to do away with them when traveling. If you’re staying at a hotel or an inn, there’s a huge chance that the room comes with a towel. And if you’re staying at a friend’s or family’s house, ask if you can borrow an unused towel, or perhaps just buy a towel when you arrive.

Ship Your Gifts

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If you’re planning on traveling to meet up with family or old friends, there’s a big chance you’d be bringing boxes worth of gifts. However, these gifts are going to take a huge amount of space and weight and would be inconvenient to carrying around, plus you may even need to get an extra bag and/or purchase extra baggage allowance for them. Then, there’s also the risk of them getting lost or stolen along the way. As such, consider shipping them before your trip (for pickup later on once you arrive, or directly to where you’re staying – if you’re not staying at a hotel), as it can be a considerably cheaper and more convenient choice. If shipping isn’t an option, review the possibility of getting a self-drive car for rent in Manila so you wouldn’t have to carry all these baggage and risk losing them when using public transport.


These are a few of many other luggage packing tips you can employ to minimize your luggage but still be able to carry what you need. Regardless of which packing strategy you employ when getting ready for a trip, it’s important to note that you bring as little as you can for convenience and also to minimize loss if ever your luggage gets stolen or lost.

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