Orthodontic care; financing options for patients

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Orthodontic care has never been a small investment in health for the vast majority of people. This is why the NHS prioritises children’s orthodontic care so highly. What options are there for adult care and could care financing be available to you?

How much do invisible aligners cost in the UK?

Many people are experiencing rapid changes in prices for many household items in this period of uncertainty. But going forwards it seems that the Invisalign cost is going to continue to fall, relative to orthodontic treatment costs based around traditional metal braces. This is because there are fewer tips to the dentist and there are also no adjustments needed to the aligners, thus keeping the overall costs down.

Where to find invisible aligners in the UK?

clear aligners

The premier provider of clear aligners is Align Technology; they make the products available exclusively through partner dental surgeries throughout the UK. Relying on these local connections and their excellent dentistry, teams can provide the highest quality of care that compliments their treatment systems. Getting the most value for their partner dental surgeries patients, whilst ensuring their well-deserved image of reliability for their products.

CliniCheck and predictive treatment

The CliniCheck system can be an interesting if not slightly jarring experience for many patients. By turning the treatment schedule on its head and calibrating a simulation of the human mouth from the scan taken from the patient, the entire process from their starting to position to an optimised finished position can be displayed step by step in the clinic before continuing or even committing to the treatment.

This is great for providing excellent visual reference points of their aesthetic goals and can not only be reassuring but can also help with patient compliance. Not to mention giving a very clinically informative visual aid.


If you are a UK resident, there are several financing options available to you to allow you to spread the cost of orthodontic treatment. Some are based around personal loans from banks or credit card overdraft, all of which look favourably on borrowing on medical grounds as it is perceived to be a safe or low risk investment. But some of the cheapest sources of financing you can find will be directly from the clinic or provider that is offering you the treatment.

This can even be as good as 0% interest free finance over a long-term payment plan up to 36 months. In that situation, invisible alien treatment can be a very low monthly cost, but this would be subject to a credit score and could be affected by your personal situation. This will also depend on where you are intending to have your teeth corrected. As different clinics can offer different repayment percentages. So, shop around for the best offer before agreeing to treatment.

It may be wise to re-read the small print of any healthcare insurance plans or employment healthcare-based policies you may have. As there may be provisions for dental care or provisions for dental borrowing that have gone unnoticed.

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