New Baby Blues: Give a Helping Hand

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Being new parents can be a challenge. A baby is very demanding and it can put a strain on people, even those who have previous experience. While it is nice that you browse an online store for wonderful baby gifts for your friend, there are other things you can do for them. Here are a few ideas on what will make their life with the baby a lot easier.

Think Before Dropping By

While it is nice to keep in touch with friends, a visit can be overwhelming for any parents with a new baby. They would have to focus on taking care of their guests and juggle handling the baby. It is a good idea to put off any unannounced visits for a month or so after they bring the baby home. Call ahead before you visit.

If you want to stay in touch, then you should consider giving them a call instead or sending a supportive card. If you want to be generous, you can send them a care package filled with goodies.

Be Ready with Some Food

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When you do go for a visit, one of the best things that you can give them is food. Food disappears surprisingly fast in a household with a baby. If you want to help them out, you need to bring food along. Not just any food either. Several types of food will do well with new parents. For example, a fruit basket is a great food gift because it is healthy and easy to eat. It can also be good for both parents and the new baby. Other potential food gifts would be some nutritious snacks or meals that can be eaten with one hand like wraps or sandwiches.

Give Them a Chance to Relax

Taking care of a baby is very stressful so you should give them a chance to relax a bit. Think about offering your friends a break. They will appreciate you hiring them a housekeeper, even if it is just a month. With someone else being there to handle the load of daily housework. Housekeepers are just the only possible choice. You can buy them several labor-saving devices so that they would have more time to do other things. Even a simple automatic cleaner can do a lot to save time in a house with a baby.

Pamper Them a Bit

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Beyond just relaxing, your friends also need some pampering. There are several ways that you can give them a treat. For example, new moms still want to look good. So taking them out for a manicure and a pedicure can be a big boost to their self-esteem. Combine that with a massage and you’ll have a full day. New dads need some love, too. Take them out for a spa day as well and they’ll appreciate the pampering they’ll experience.

Do Them a Favor

New parents will always be looking for ways to make their life easier. If you want to help them out, remember that when they call up asking for a favor. This can range from picking up some groceries for them or help with the house. They will appreciate it if you can help them out if they are planning a date night. Assist them in getting reservations in a restaurant or hotel.

Besides that, you can help hire a baby nurse or a babysitter that will handle the new child while they are away. They’ll remember the help that you gave them and might even return the favor someday.

Take Care of the Other Kids

If your friends have other children, then helping take care of them can be a big help. Get them out of the house by offering to have them over for a sleepover with your kids. This can be great since it will give the kids more attention since usually, the baby is the current focus. Besides that, you can help pick them up at school or you can bring them along for an afternoon trip. Your help can smooth things over in the house as you give the new big brother and sisters some attention.

Your friends will appreciate all the help that you can give them. It will be especially important in the first few months of the baby’s life as it adapts to its new home. Pretty soon, things will settle down and your friends will have a normal life again. They’ll remember the favors you did them and they may return the favor when it is your time to bring a baby home.

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