Love Your Feet: How to Address or Prevent Common Foot Problems

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The feet are one of the most used and abused parts of the body. You use your feet every day to go to work or school, move around your home or outdoors, and when you exercise. Moreover, your feet are often enclosed in shoes that may be uncomfortable or do not allow air to move around freely.

As a result, the feet can get unattractive. Calluses appear in areas that receive pressure from walking or running. Microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria may grow because of the sweat or moisture that gets trapped in your footwear which will lead to itching and skin flaking. Your toenails may even grow into the flesh, causing discomfort and pain.

Because there are so many things that you do that require the use of your feet, you need to take better care of them. Here are some things that you can do.

Comfort Over Fashion

There is truth to the claims that high heels can lead to bunions. Although the condition is hereditary, wearing high heels can trigger its formation and make it worse.

Bunions occur when the metatarsophalangeal joint located at the base of the big toe juts outward. Because regular footwear is not designed with bunions in mind, it can make wearing, even a pair of running shoes, quite uncomfortable. The pressure applied by the footwear on the misaligned joint can cause the bursa, the fluid sacs that cushions the joint, may become inflamed.

Bunions may eventually limit the movement of your big toe or even your entire foot. Before that happens, as soon as you notice any changes on your feet, head to a podiatry clinic. A podiatrist can give advice on the right treatment for your condition. You may be asked to wear a splint to keep the feet properly aligned, especially at night, or surgery may be necessary to correct the misalignment. Either way, a specialist will be able to tell you what needs to be done.

Before bunion becomes a problem, women should give their feet a break every once in a while. Choose to wear comfortable footwear at least a few days a week to prevent the joints of your toes from moving outward. Women, unfortunately, are more at risk of bunions compared to men. Wearing comfortable footwear, especially when you know that you will do a lot of walking and standing throughout the day, may prevent bunions.

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Pretty and Pampered

The thickened and hardened skin that forms on areas of your feet is not exactly a nuisance, but they can feel very rough and raised. They do not usually hurt but they can be unattractive.

Calluses form as a response to constant pressure and friction. When you walk a lot or you wear footwear that does not fit properly, calluses will appear on parts where there is contact.

It does not require immediate medical attention. In fact, it is your body’s way of protecting you from irritants. However, if you want to get rid of them, you can. Give your feet a spa experience by soaking them in warm water, rubbing the skin with a pumice stone, and applying moisturizing lotion after drying. Using tea tree oil and castor oil has also been proven to soften calluses for easy removal.

A Nightly Beauty Routine

You probably already have a skincare routine for your face. Why should you not give your feet the same attention regularly?

Although the feet are more often hidden in footwear and ignored when they are out, they also require to be properly taken care of. They work hard every day and, therefore, are more prone to stress and exhaustion. Every night, give the skin on your feet some TLC.

Cracked skin is not just ugly. It can bleed which may lead to infections.

Experts recommend using a humectant lotion every night on your dry skin. Humectant products trap moisture on the skin, preventing dryness. You need to apply it immediately after washing your feet with a gentle cleanser. To let your skin heal from damages it received throughout the day, you should wear cotton socks to bed, too. Cotton socks will allow your skin to fully absorb the lotion so you will wake up with soft and smooth feet in the morning.

Caring for yourself should involve even the areas of your body that do not normally see the light of day. Your feet, when not given attention, may cause problems later on that may compromise your health and your mobility.


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