Splurging the Right Way: Using What You Earn To Live Luxuriously

The money you earn may stay in your bank account forever, but you can’t roll in it past your lifetime. Getting into the grind is good, but you also have to learn how to spend your money on things that make you happy. Many people say money can’t buy happiness. You undoubtedly can’t go to a store and purchase a potion that can’t make you happy instantly. Still, you can spend it on things that make your life more comfortable, thus giving you that unmatched bliss.

Like money, happiness is fleeting. Of course, it’s best to discover the things that can make you joyful for longer, but while you’re in the quest to find it, you can make quick stops and go on a shopping spree to buy things that can make you happy present. To make your happiness meter sky-rocket, here are suggestions that can give you a little push.

8-Day Vacation

Studies say that an 8-day vacation is a perfect length to have for any trip. It’s on the eighth day that a person’s happiness will peak. Just like other things, even though going on an adventure is generally a great experience, you’d still have to shift your gears a little and change your pace, which can be exhausting.

While on your way to your destination, you have to take your time settling in and fully accustom yourself to the day’s itinerary. If you feel like going on a month-long trip, it’s okay! You deserve it. But if a little strapped for time, you can give yourself a week and a day to have fun and get back to the grind with replenished batteries.

Have Everything at Home

Not knowing what you want right at the moment can cause you to waste precious time. Sometimes, your mind’s all flooded with work stuff that you can’t spare a little mental space to think of things that can make you happy. When you have what you need at home, you no longer have to account for the time spent traveling to a particular place. All you need to do is get up from your desk and switch to relaxed mode within minutes.

For example, you can purchase a massage chair, so you can soothe stiff muscles at home whenever you want. You can also go all out with an entertainment room complete with movies, consoles, and your favorite game titles as a way to ease stress.

having my own game room

Make Work Life Easier

Holding down a high-paying job or managing a lucrative business may be worth it if you like what you’re doing and get to pay your bills. However, it’s inevitable for things at the office to get too stressful. You can always walk away and choose to live a more laid-back lifestyle, but with the downgrade, you’ll have to give up plenty of luxuries in life. If that’s not an option, you need to level up the care you give yourself to make the challenges of furthering your career worth it.

For instance, if you commute daily and still have to deal with crowds despite your hectic workday, you can cut yourself some slack by driving alone to and from the office. You can buy quality car parts and drive smoothly without the hassle of public transportation. Treating yourself to a sumptuous lunch is also a welcome midday delight that will help you power through the rest of your shift.

Go the Extra-mile for Health

Now that you can afford to spend more, you must prioritize your health. Stress from work can manifest into illnesses that hinder you from achieving more—looking for better ways to improve your health needs to be part of your budget. Eating healthy can cost a lot. Although it might save you loads of money in the long run, considering the medical bills you can save, it doesn’t change that choosing fruits and veggies over junk is more expensive.

Without a restricted budget, you can splurge on super foods and fill your pantry to the brim. Another thing you can do is purchase health and wellness gadgets to enhance your well-being. There’s no gambling when it comes to health, so when you can, you always need to make the healthiest choice.

No Bad OOTDs

Looking fashionable need not be expensive, but you can try different styles with plenty of choices each day. If you plan to look your best every day, you need looks that help you do just that. By upgrading your wardrobe every season and being on the constant hunt for pieces that will make your outfits shine, you’ll look runway-ready no matter the engagement you have for the day.

To ensure you won’t end up with a wardrobe full of clothes you’ll most probably never wear again, you can consider selling your pre-loved clothes to get more funds for new ones.

When you have extra money, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is investing in growing your finances. However, people tend to forget that their happiness is also worth the investment. Spending on yourself is not a loss but something you deserve.

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