Indiana: A New Home for Refugees; a Great Home in America


In August 2021, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb decided to help Afghan refugees. He said Indiana is willing to help Afghan refugees. Those who put their lives on the line to support the U.S. Military for the past 20 years.

He added that the U.S. owes this to the Afghan refugees. And Governor Holcomb would like to give aid to those who helped and protected the U.S. Military. Now Camp Atterbury is currently a temporary home to up to 5,000 Afghan refugees. Here they will go through a 14 days quarantine. They will go through medical screening. And get vaccinated against COVID-19. They will also have access to mental health assistance. And they will get other support services before being resettled.

Camp Atterbury is 46,000 acres of land. It can comfortably house 10,000 people. Soldiers normally live in dorm-looking barracks. They are complete with all amenities needed by everyone. Such as a good dining area, medical treatment facilities, and places of recreation. The Indiana National Guard and other federal partners are working together. The goal is to make this a success. And the Indiana Hoosiers are more than happy to show generosity and kindness to them. Donations are pouring in. Many people are willing to help.

The Afghan refugees include American Citizens and Afghan allies. Those who helped in the military efforts during the 20-year war. Also, included are those who are deemed vulnerable sectors by the U.S. Government. Governor Holcomb said there is an overwhelming show of love and kindness in the State of Indiana.

Indiana is one of the most exciting places to live. The “Hoosier State” offers places, food, and experiences you can only find in this great State. They offer fun places for tourists and families. They show and exhibit utmost respect to American History.   This made the State of Indiana the best place to welcome refugees and even the rest of the world. Here’s why:

Love for History

Indiana is famous for its museums where they display their history. Some of the best and most famous museums are Conner Prairie and the Children’s Museum. The Conner Prairie Museum is even set up to bring you back to colonial times. You will even experience touring the museum using candlelight. By this, you will experience what it feels like to live in the year 1800.

They also showcase war reenactments to remember Indiana’s Battles during the civil war. And every month they have a “Taste the Past Events” where they serve pilgrim dinner. You can also purchase historical artifacts. You can visit and enjoy the best antique mall Indiana has to offer.

The Children’s Museum is the largest children’s museum in the world. It has five floors where kids will experience science and interactive history. This museum is also famous for America’s largest water clock. A clock powered by water.

Other than museums and antique malls, you can also float above Lafayette, Indiana on a hot air balloon. It comes with interactive lessons about its history and invention. Indiana is also famous for American Indian and Western art. In the Eiteljorg Museum, you will appreciate the wild west. The history, culture, and art of the American Western Era. You will learn how indigenous peoples of North America lived. You will find works done by different artists. This includes the Native Art Collection which is ranked among the world’s best.

Love For Speed

When you say speed in Indiana, only two names come to mind. “The Indy 500” and the “Brickyard 400”. The Indy 500 is known as the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. This is a 500-mile race with a speed reaching 250 mph. These events happen during Memorial Day Weekend. People get to flock and enjoy this event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is only fitting for Indiana to be dubbed the Racing Capital of the World.

Love For Nature

With its various places filled with trees, plants and clean parks you can feel close to nature. The White River State Park and the White River Gardens are 2 of them. While The Indianapolis Zoo is an educational place to visit. They are a few minutes away from the very attractive Downtown Central Canal. You can also visit Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari. A giant amusement and water park in America. You can also enjoy the view as you visit Indiana Dunes State Park. This is where you can enjoy 50 miles of running, breeze walking, and biking. Even Eagle Creek Park and the Brown County State Park bring you closer to nature.

Of course, the people of Indiana are also known as the Hoosiers for a special reason. It is defined as a “man who carries corn”. This nickname has been used for over 150 years. As in the past, the men of Indiana transports corn all across America. Other than corn, Indiana grows other crops. Such as soybeans, watermelon, tomatoes, and many others.

Now you know Indiana is a great new home not only for Afghan refugees but also for people from all over the world. It’s a perfect place to live and start a family.

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